Alexis Sky calls Brandon Medford and says he has only visited their daughter once since she was in the hospital

Currently, Alexis Sky is currently in the hospital caring for her little girl Alaya Grace. However, on Monday, she took the time to blow up her daughter’s father, Brandon Medford, who she said was in the hospital to see their daughter and hasn’t been in contact with her since.

Alexis posted a statement on her Instagram account calling for Brandon, saying:

“This is thinking about how a man who claims to be so in God came out last night claiming to be this holy man, but his daughter has been in the hospital for 5 days and only came to visit her once. He does not return my phone calls or messages except on social media. It’s been 5 months since your daughter saw you and this is what you’re doing. I try my best to be a co-parent so that Lei Lei never grows up and says that I kept her from her father.”

Alexis continued in her post, “You’re constantly in and out of her life and I shouldn’t have let your narcissistic self come to her just the day she asked where you were. I think if you recently lost your mother, it will bring you closer to her, but it’s not. Do you really think that God will bless a father who does not care for his child by succeeding in painting his own false front?”

She also took to her Instagram live to reveal that Brandon has her account as well as their daughter’s account blocked from his page.

Alexis welcomed her baby girl Alaya Grace back in 2018. It was initially believed that the former Alexis Fetty Wap was her father’s child. He had been in her child’s life before, from the moment she was born. However, last year it was confirmed that Brandon Medford is actually Alaya’s father.

Alexis Skye stopped in the comments section of The Shade Room to talk about her struggles with Brandon in co-parenting and said:

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