All 10 Friends Christmas Episodes, Ranked

10 seasons, 10 episodes; given the place.

Recently, I rewatched all ten Christmases Friend episodes and ranked them. Yes, it’s time for Christmas. You are welcomed. Now, the final season doesn’t have a Christmas episode (the show was on break), but, don’t worry, season seven has two.


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sit back and enjoy the holiday spirit with it Friend Christmas Episode List!


“The One With Ross’ Step Forward” – Season 8, Episode 11

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‘Cause Rachel and Joey got together in this episode, like what?!


“The One with the Monkey” – Season 1, Episode 10

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I didn’t like the whole Marcel thing. Chick and Duck were cute, but a monkey that scared the living soul out of Monica? Tough pass!!!



“The One With All the Candy” – Season 7, Episode 9

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Did we really need two episodes this season? The only thing that stopped this episode from finishing last was Ross buying Phoebe his first bike.



“The One With Christmas in Tulsa” – Season 9, Episode 10

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It was a lovely, casual episode with all the friends.


“The One with the Inappropriate Sister” – Season 5, Episode 10

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This one was very funny. I mean, with the frontline incestuous siblings, Street Phoebe 2.0, and all.


“The One with the Girl from Poughkeepsie” – Season 4, Episode 10

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Phoebe’s song and Joey’s fake hiring and Monica getting fired up on the fake song was definitely cute.


“The One With Phoebe’s Dad” – Season 2, Episode 9

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A broken radiator knob, last-minute gas station gifts, and Phoebe’s search for a different father certainly make this a great episode.


“The One with the Holiday Armadillo” – Season 7, Episode 10

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Ross was trying to teach his son about Hanukkah and dressing up like an armadillo as they were out of a Santa suit *chef’s kiss*.


“The One With The Routine” – Season 6, Episode 10

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Ross and Monica’s unique dance routine earned it the second rank.


“The One Where Rachel Quits” – Season 3, Episode 10

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Rachel quits her job to kickstart her career in fashion, Monica and Joey bring in all the dead trees to please Phoebe, Ross helps a little girl sell her Girl Scout cookies when she accidentally breaks his leg, cameo by Mae Whitman – wow, such a good episode.

Who Friend What was your favorite Christmas episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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