All Johnny Bananas Win MTV “The Challenge”

Johnny Bananas made a name for himself when he first appeared on Duel in 2006, and fans still hope that he will return to Realitu Competition TV. John Amadeus “Johnny Bananas” Devenanzio came from Real World: Key West along with many others who came and went. Johnny Bananas has played 20 seasons over the past fifteen years. He has seven victories, which is by far the most contenders. Not only did Bananas win most of the seasons Competition, but he also earned the highest prize money of any competitor in a series of competitions.

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Johnny Bananas received a whopping $ 1,184,720 from this franchise. Ashley Mitchell is in second place with $ 1,121,250 after stealing a pot from her partner during a game. Final settlement. After these two champions, no one even came close to the earnings they received from their memorable victories. Bananas will forever be one of the greatest Challenge players, if not the greatest of all time. Some in the fandom may argue that Chris “CT” Tamburello is the best player, but Bananas has salaries to prove it. This isn’t to say that CT will never be able to catch up, but Bananas currently sits on the throne on his own.

eight Johnny Bananas wins “The Island”

In the old days Competition looked very different, and, of course, the victories were not as impressive as they are now. No one climbed mountains, jumped out of airplanes, and swam across the oceans. This victory is important because it was the first of many for Mr. Johnny Bananas.


7 Johnny Bananas wins the Ruins

This season premiered in 2009 and marks the show’s 18th season. Bananas have competed with greats like Brad Fiorenza., Derrick Kosinski, Darrell Taylor, Kenny Santucci and Evan Starkman, but only one can win. Luckily for Johnny Bananas, this was his season and his second place overall. Call win.

6 Johnny Bananas wins the rivals

For the first Johnny Rivals appearance, he was paired with Tyler Duckworth, who was also on Real World: Key West… Luckily for Duckworth, this is not the one Rivals the season when he stole the entire grand prize from his partner! This will happen in about five years and seven seasons!

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5 Johnny Bananas wins Battle of the Exes

Who Said You Can’t Befriend Your Ex? Johnny and Kamila Nakagawa briefly slept during Thug which led to them becoming Exes partners. Luckily for them, that meant they won $ 150,000!

4 Johnny Bananas wins Free Agents

You have no one to blame but yourself during Challenge: Free Agents… There is no partner to carry you, and no one to hold you back. Victory Free agents proved that Johnny Bananas is a force to be reckoned with alone.

“I have said this before and I still say this: it is not the strongest who wins. And not the smartest wins. These are the ones who know how to adapt– said Devenanzio during a conversation on Instagram. “And I think, first of all, first of all, what I was able to do, and I have been good over the years, my ability to adapt, I think, was accurate.”

3 Johnny Bananas wins Rivals III

Johnny Bananas and Sarah Rice were partners on Challenge: Rivals III and they ended up winning the season. Unfortunately, not all partners in the partnership were able to win the $ 275,000 pot. During one of the most iconic Call In the finale, Johnny Bananas stabbed his partner in the back, took the money and ran away. Some fans considered this move legendary, but others felt sorry for Sarah, who ran the entire final, won it and did not leave with nothing.

When host TJ Lavin dropped the bomb so you could steal the money, Bananas said, “Sarah and I both stared at the ground. And I think the reason is that the same thing was going on in our heads: I’m going to take money from this person. It’s so easy for both her fans and her to say, “No, I wouldn’t.” But you already did it. You have done this in the past. We already have a broken relationship. People want to say, “Oh, but you guys have become such good friends.” It was television. And what you see on TV, and these relationships that are developing, in nine cases out of 10 are not transferred into real life. “

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2 Johnny Bananas wins the FIFA World Cup. Stars

During the spin-off Challenge: Champions vs. Stars, Johnny Bananas defeated his fellow rivals and even the Olympians. This victory only added another step to Johnny’s belt, and all of the money was donated to a charity of their choice. Bananas donated his $ 50,000 to Special Olympics while CT won the FIGHT and Emily Schromm donated her earnings to Girls, Inc.

one Johnny Bananas wins Total Frenzy

Johnny Bananas brutally beat Kyle, Corey and Fessi to claim the $ 500K prize in season 35. Challenge: Complete Madness… This ending was no joke as the players climbed the Alps in inclement weather. This season was one of the most difficult both psychologically and physically.

“I never wanted anything and never needed anything that bad,” mused the longtime MTV character. “Without this, if I had not come and brought it to the end, I don’t know if I would have had what was required mentally and physically to ever get to this place again”, Johnny said as he choked

This latest victory solidified Johnny’s name on Competition and although he hasn’t competed for the past two seasons … our banana man isn’t going anywhere.

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