All new characters from “The Book of Boba Fett”

Just a simple Crime Lord trying to fight his way through the universe.

Wednesdays belong to Fett! Here are all the new characters we’ve met so far:

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🚨SPOILER WARNING🚨 If you haven’t watched the last episode, CONTACT NOW!

Madame Garza Fwip

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She is the owner of a cantina in Mos Espe called Sanctuary. She greets Boba Fett’s reign with a beautiful tribute to both him and Fenech Shand when they first meet. Her loyalty is unknown, but it looks like she just wants to protect her business.

Mayor’s majordomo

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He is not the mayor, but he does serve as the mayor’s steward. In short, he is basically who Bib Fortuna was to Jabba the Hutt. He boldly does not bring Boba Fett offerings and even informs him that the mayor demands one of his own. This Twi’lek better hope Boba isn’t the type to end up shooting the herald.

Mayor Mok Shaiz

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Mayor of Mos Espa, Mock uses a translation device attached to his … neck … neck-mouth … to speak the basic (native language in star Wars Universe). It is unclear what his intentions are, but he sends Bob to find out that the Hutts have returned to the city.


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We don’t know the names of the Hutt twins … yet. They make it clear to Boba that they still lay claim to the criminal empire left by Jabba, and Mos Espa is still their territory. It seems that the sister has a say in the final decisions, but the brother makes all public appearances.

Gladiator Gemini

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Not much has been shown about this guy, but we viewers recognize the Wookiees when we see him. If Chewie was capable of great feats of strength, imagine what this villainous fluffy lump is capable of. Fans are already speculating that this could be the bounty hunter “BK” from star Wars comic Dr. Afra, but we’ll see.

Gamorrean Guard

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These two are the definition of “ride or die … or live.” Even after the death of Bib Fortuna, they remained loyal to their previous masters, well, until Boba invites them to serve him. The two space pigs obey Fett, but Fenech Shand calls it a “bad idea.”

Tusken chieftain

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Little is known about this tribe of Tusken raiders, but it is clear that it is a chieftain. He let Boba Fett live after helping to defeat the strange Clash of the Titanslooking creature. As seen in Episode 2, he greets Boba as part of their tribe.

Tusken Warrior

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One of the coolest new characters in the series. This Tusken warrior helped Boba Fett fight with the Gaderffia stick. She is also played by Joanna Bennett, who has done stunts for both Marvel and DC films.

Tusken Kid

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Without baby Tusken, we wouldn’t have Boba Fett. After Boba defeats the creature that attacks them, Child Tusken tells the story of the entire tribe, only helping to grow the legend of Boba Fett.


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Not a protocol droid, but the 8D8 does a great job of managing visitors inside Jabba … well, I guess at Boba’s Palace. Voiced by the irresistible Matt Berry of What are we doing in the shade.

Rodian Prisoner

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We all know an asshole like this guy. We don’t know his history, but he betrayed Bob when he tried to escape the Tusken Raiders. It can be assumed that this guy was killed by the hand (s) of a four-pointed creature.

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