All Stars’ For S2, Unveils Cast & Premiere Date – Deadline

للکار: All stars Has scored on the second season renewal. MTV, Which also revealed the date of the season’s premiere and the contestants are ready to return to the competition show.

Ready to drop exclusively on Thursday, November 11th. Paramount+, Challenge: All the stars. Season 2 will welcome 24 cast members from the show’s long history, including players who haven’t competed for more than 20 years. Those who run deep and competitive lines with past relationships that never die will have to overcome obstacles both inside and outside the game to win. Players will face challenges for a shot at the grand prize of 500,000. TJ Lavin is ready to host.

Competitors include Ianna McKinsey, Brad Fiorenza, Casey Cooper, Kohat Grind Staff, Daryl Taylor, Derek Chavez, Derek Kosinski, Janelle Casnaway, Jasmine Reynolds, Judy Wiederton, Jonah Mannon, Katie Doyle, Kendall Valenlin, Lateral Lennell, Lateral Lenarle , Darlene Darlene, Daniel Darlene, Daniel Darnell, Melinda Collins, MJ Garrett, Nehemiah Clark, Ryan Keahu, Sofia Pakis, Steve Manke, Tech Homes, Tina Barta and Tyler Dickworth.

Episodes of Challenge: All the stars. Season 2 will air weekly on Thursday at Paramount +. Yes, Duffy won a great prize in his first season. Challenge: All the stars.. Season 37 of the Madraship series. Be in Croatia..

Challenge: All the stars. Made for MTV Entertainment Studios by Benim / Murray Productions. Julie Pizzi, Justin Booth and Mark Long are the executive producers, and Diego Emerson and Chris Ray are the co-executive producers. Katie Gallagher and Kirsten Behr are co-producers. Dan Caster and Lian Cobbler serve as executive producers, Jared March as co-producer of MTV and Donnie Heeran as SVP of Productions.

Watch a teaser above.

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