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Throughout its long history, there have been dozens of beloved Disney Channel shows that have made the world for millions of network fans. In addition, Disney has produced and aired a long list of original films that fans adore. For example, the High School Musical and Descendants film franchises have enjoyed great success over the years.

Of course, the personal life of the people who starred in the series “School Musical” has been discussed more than once in the tabloids. On the other hand, the people who helped bring the Descendants films to life didn’t get as much attention. For this reason, many people who really enjoy the Descendants series know very little about everyone the stars of those films have met.

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7 Mitchell Hope’s dating history

In all three Descendants films that have been made to date, Mitchell Hope has brought Ben, the son of Queen Belle and the Beast, to life. Despite playing a memorable role on the show, Hope never rose to the level of fame that many of his co-stars had. Perhaps this is why Hope was associated with the woman Natalie Blanco, about whom very little is known. Hope also dated an Australian actress named Tyla Audrey, who is not well known, although there are several stars in her filmography.


6 Brenna D’Amico’s dating history

Since the release of The Descendants in 2015, Brenna D’Amico has been best known for her role as the Fairy Godmother’s daughter in this film and its two sequels. In addition, fans of the show were really interested in the fact that from 2015 to 2017, D’Amico was associated with her co-star Cameron Boyes. After that, D’Amico began dating Christian Weissmann in 2019, and they continue to date to this day. Weissmann has not yet become a star, but he has appeared on several shows, including Girl Meets World, Dear White People, and Saved by the Bell.

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5 Sarah Jeffrey’s dating history

Unlike most of her younger Descendants, Sarah Jeffrey did not appear in all three films in the franchise. However, Jeffrey played Audrey, the daughter of Princess Aurora and Prince Philip, in the first and third films of the series. At the time of this writing, Jeffrey has only one confirmed marriage. According to, Jeffrey and Nick Hargrove are still together… For everyone who doesn’t know about Hargrove, he is the actor best known for his role in the revival of Charmed. It’s also worth noting that it was rumored that before Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin met and got married, he briefly had a relationship with Jeffrey.

4 Sofia Carson’s dating history

In all three Descendants films, Sofia Carson plays Evie, the daughter of the Evil Disney Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Since fans love to gossip about dating Disney Channel stars, you’d think a lot is known about Carson’s dating. However, according to, none of Carson’s romantic relationships have been confirmed… Instead, only rumors circulate that Carson dated her Descendants co-star Cameron Boyes and a Colombian actor named Manolo Vergara.

3 Cameron Boyce’s dating history

In 2019, Descendants fans everywhere were devastated to learn that Cameron Boyce had passed away due to complications from epilepsy. The Boyce Descendants also honored Cameron’s memory after his death. Of course, that makes sense as he seemed like a great guy and had previous connections with Sophia Carson and Brin D’Amico. During Boyce’s too short life, it was also rumored that he dated Instagram star Paulina Char and actor Madison Pettis. On the other hand, it has been confirmed that Boyce was associated with famed actor Peyton List from 2012 to 2015.

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2 Booboo Stewart’s dating history

Booboo Stewart has played notable roles in several franchises over the years, including Twilight, X-Men and finally Descendants, in which he played Jay, Jafar’s son, in all three films. As a result of all these roles, Stewart met a lot of people from Hollywood and only dated actors, with the exception of his current girlfriend Valentina Citrinovich, a singer and a YouTuber. In the past, Stewart has been associated with actors Jodelle Ferland, Diane Doan, Samantha Boscarino and Megan Trainer.

one Dove Cameron’s dating history

When it comes to the cast of Descendants, it could easily be argued that Cameron Dove is the most famous star in the franchise. Starring May, daughter of Maleficent, Cameron played the main character in all three Descendants films. Interestingly, according to, there are only two relationships in which Cameron is known to be part of and both of them featured her co-stars. First off, Cameron dated Ryan McCartan from 2013 to 2016, and he appeared in many episodes of her Liv and Maddie Show. In addition, Cameron continued to be in a relationship with Descendants 2 and Descendants 3 actor Thomas Doherty from 2016 to 2020. Currently single, Cameron made headlines recently when she announced she was bisexual.

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