All the women Paul Walker was romantically involved with

The fast and the furious The Paul Walker legend has continued to be adored and bored by his loyal fans around the world since his tragic passing in 2013. After the dire news of his passing made headlines, many eyes were on his partner at the time, Jasmine Pilchard Gosnell, and his daughter Meadow Walker. Years later, the focus on both of these women now seems to have shifted from grief and grief.

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As for his little daughter, she has been surrounded by positive press since the announcement of her engagement to her current husband, Louis Thornton-Allan. However, for Walker’s latest novel, Jasmine Pilchard Gosnell, attention is now drawn to the inappropriate nature of the age difference between the couple. And it looks like this wasn’t the first time Walker got involved in a questionable relationship dynamic. Let’s take a look at the entire dating history of the actor before his tragic death.

9 Paul Walker dated Denise Richards in 1994

The list of exes begins with Hollywood legend Denise Richards. It was rumored that Walker and Richards dated romantically back in 1994. Rumors followed the couple. starring as lovers in a movie Tammy and T-Rex… Despite rumors spreading like wildfire, the off-screen relationship between the couple has never been confirmed or refuted.


eight Paul Walker dated Rebecca McBrane in 1998

Perhaps one of Walker’s most famous exes was Rebecca McBrane (also known as Rebecca Soteros). The couple began dating in 1998 when Walker was only 25 years old. Shortly thereafter, McBrane became pregnant with Walker’s daughter Meadow Walker. In accordance with Law, Walker refused to marry McBrane because of his young age. This reportedly led to a split in the pair.

7 Paul Walker dated Christina Milian in 2000

Back in 2000, rumors surfaced about Walker’s romance with the talented Christina Milian. However, despite rumors, very little is known about the alleged relationship. Neither during nor after that did any of the couple talk about it. Upon hearing of the actor’s demise, Milian published sweet message about him on her Twitter, December 2013.

She stated, “Shocked and so sad to hear this news. He was one of my favorite actors. Beautiful inside and out, 4 was never enough … “

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6 Paul Walker dated Jamie King in 2000

In accordance with Famous acquaintancesWalker participated in one-year relationship with model and actress Jaime King… The couple began dating in 2000 before announcing their separation in 2001. Despite their short-lived relationship, King has also publicly talked about the tragic death of Walker

She tweeted: “My prayers and light go to the friends and family of Paul Walkers. Rest in peace.”

5 Paul Walker dated Jessica Alba in 2004

In 2004, Walker was rumored to be dating his Into the blue co-star Jessica Alba. At the time, rumors appeared to stem from the fuming chemistry the couple portrayed on screen. Despite this, the offscreen relationship was never confirmed.

Since his death, Alba has constantly talked about the actor and continues to remember him through her loving offerings.

4 Paul Walker dated Amanda Page in 2004

Back in 2004, Walker dated glamorous model Amanda Page, however, the relationship seems to have been very short-lived. As Who met who reports, the relationship between the couple lasted only a year as they decided to call this termination in 2005. Again, very little is known about the relationship between the couple due to the lack of modern media at the time.

3 Jasmine Pilchard Gosnell was his last girlfriend

Another of Walker’s most notable partners was the actor’s latest romance, Jasmine Pilchard Gosnell. Pilchard Gosnell, who was only 23 at the time, was The fast and the furious star’s partner at the time of his death, November 2013. At the time, the press flooded with reports of her debilitating grief and grief over the death of her beloved partner. IN 2014, Daily mail reported that 5 months after Walker’s death, Pilchard Gosnell was admitted that she underwent psychological counseling to help her cope.

However, several years after the tragedy, many began to pay attention to the inappropriate nature in which the couple began their relationship. When the couple began dating, Pilchard Gosnell was only 16 years old, and Walker was 33 years old. In addition to this, his relationship with Pilchard Gosnell was not the first in which Walker had a romantic relationship with an underage woman.

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2 Paul Walker dated Aubrianne Atwell in 2001

Another of Walker’s more dubious relationships was that of his best friend, Aubrianne Atwell. In accordance with Your tango, Walker and Atwell met in 2001. and have been close friends ever since. However, when Atwell turned 16, the couple began dating, making Atwell the first of two underage relationships that Walker was involved in.

Despite the split, the couple reportedly remained close friends. As the article says, Walker’s passing was especially difficult for Atwell, as she also lost her father just a couple of days earlier.

one Paul Walker dated Isabelle Goulard in 2013

In accordance with Who met whoIt was rumored that Walker had short romance with Victoria’s Secret model Isabelle Goulart… What has been dubbed “dating” reportedly happened back in March 2013. Although the rumor was never confirmed by either Walker or Goulart, the couple were photographed together during Sao Paulo Fashion Week later this summer.

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