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Mark Sinclair, otherwise known as One diesel., One of the world’s most successful and highest-earning actors, and a major cultural icon in current Hollywood. Most famous for playing Dominic Torreto Fast and Furious The franchise has appeared in many other franchises, including Diesel. History of Riddick. And Guardians of the Galaxy And it has made a name for itself as one of the best in the game.

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But while his career has been a topic of interest to the public for years, Diesel’s love life has garnered equal attention from fans. It is not really surprising to see that the actor has been associated with many beautiful women in the entertainment industry. Whether it’s a relationship or just a quarrel, these are the women Diesel allegedly dated or had something with.

Samantha Phillips (1998-1999)

One Diesel had a one-year relationship with the American actress and model. Samantha Phillips. Interestingly, between 1998-1999, neither Diesel nor Phillips talked about their post-partition relationship, but since then they have moved on with others.

Michelle Rubin (2000)

Michelle Rubin, an actress best known for her appearance in the 2002 film. Boat trip It was rumored that diesel had returned in the early days. The speculation came as he was seen going on several dates and attending private parties with her.

Mela Sannaj (early 2000s)

Myla’s ex-boyfriend accused the model of being greedy and opportunistic. He listed Diesel as one of those who believed that Myla had cheated on him. When the alleged incident took place, however, neither Diesel nor Myla responded to the allegation.

Alyssa Jordana (early 2000s)

It’s not clear when, but Diesel and media personality Alyssa Jordana dated a few months ago in the 2000s. Jordana has since moved on and is currently engaged to comedian and actor Andy Dick.

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Kaya Jones (early 2000s)

Of fast and furious The star allegedly had a fight with a Canadian-American singer and model at the beginning of the millennium. The couple has been spotted on several dates and found that they had a lot of fun before parting for unknown reasons.

Chanel Ryan (2000)

2000 was a year of adventure for One because he was apparently in various relationships and quarrels with various women, including actress Chanel Ryan. The pair met after meeting on a movie set and were often seen getting their dates on dinner dates, movie dates, or sometimes at a club.

Carmen Electra (2000)

Tara Lee Patrick, known professionally. Carmen Electra., Spent a lot of time with diesel in the year 2000. Of course fans, this convinced the fans that maybe they have been romantically involved. Although they never appeared in public, the two showed a level of love for each other before they finally stopped hanging out together.

Summer Ultis (2000)

American fashion model Summer Daniel Altis had an encounter with Diesel in March 2000 and allegedly had a brief romance. At the time, Summer worked as a professional DJ at several Los Angeles nightclubs, where he is thought to have met the actor. However, despite the rumors, neither Summer nor Diesel ever confirmed their romance.

Michelle Rodriguez (2001)

After meeting on the set. Fast and the Furious., One and Michelle Rodriguez. Allegedly started dating and were seen together on different dates. However, despite being tagged as the next big couple in Hollywood at the moment, One and Michelle didn’t go far with their romance as things quickly ended as soon as they started.

Karen Stephens (2001)

Karen Stephens is an American author best known for. Vaccine The book’s franchise, Diesel, reportedly gave Crane a date after splitting from Michelle Rodriguez, and the pair lived together for about 66 months between 2001 and 2002.

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Leila Roberts (2002)

Diesel and playboy model Leila Roberts were rumored to have had a brief relationship in 2002, at the same time as NFL star Tom Brady. However, their romance did not last long and became just a wave.

Asia Argento (2002)

Asia Argento Diesel is an Italian actress and filmmaker whom she allegedly met on the set of her film in 2002. xXx. “One Diesel is the best kisser in the world, better than any other I’ve ever done. The most interesting thing about One is its brain. This is his most attractive muscle.“Argento is thought to have spoken out against the actor at the time.

Maria Carey (2002)

There was also a rumor with Diesel’s famous singer. Mariah Carey Back in 2002 “One flew in a private jet for a quick jet.The actor later allegedly took Kerry to dinner where he was seen cannoning with her.

Shannon Mellon (2004)

One Diesel allegedly dated Shannon Malone in 2004.

Maria Menonos (2006)

In 2006, One Diesel was rumored to be meeting Maria Menonos, whom she once publicly teased during an interview. A friend of Menonos later revealed that the actress had a long-standing love for diesel and was happy with the relationship. Menonos and One met for about a year before going their separate ways.

Paloma Gymnasium (2007-present)

Mexican model Paloma Denagston Jimenez has been in a relationship with One Diesel since 2007 and currently has three children. The couple met in the early 2000s. Before appearing in the forest Fast and Furious The franchise did not start dating until 2007. However, their love has grown stronger over the years and they now have the final tag of the Hollywood power couple.

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