Allergy man went on a date with cat owner, guy made a scene when he said the relationship wouldn’t work out

Life is like playing the lottery: you never know what you’re going to get, and some people get allergies. Well, not the best choice, but definitely quite unpleasant.

Indeed, allergies have interfered with our lives for decades, changing our daily routine, habits and hobbies. Especially when it’s an allergy to possibly the most wonderful creatures on this planet. Yes, we are talking about cats.

As happened to the author of the original post in the AITA Reddit community, who now has almost 1.9 thousand votes and more than 450 different comments. Yes, the Original Poster is allergic to cats – and this allergy has recently significantly affected their personal lives.

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The friend of the original poster suggested that they go on a date with her good friend.

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The fact is that OP’s friend suggested going on a date with her old and good friend. The OP agreed – they liked the man right away, but what they didn’t like for sure was a stuffy nose literally from the first minutes of communication.

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The OP is allergic to cats and immediately suspected the man had a cat at home.

The OP immediately decided to clarify – and yes, there was no mistake, the man had a cat at home. Realizing how painful the effects of allergies can be, as well as how difficult it is to treat it all the time, the OP decided to make a difficult decision on the go.

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The OP tried to explain that they would rather not start a relationship due to allergy issues.

They explained to the man that it was better for both of them to just leave and not continue communication – even despite the obvious mutual sympathy, because the OP does not want to live with a man, taking drugs every day.

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The man was very upset and tried to ask the OP to give him a chance.

Admittedly, the man was very upset and said that modern medicine is able to cope well with allergies, and in general this was not a good reason not to start a relationship with him. To this, the OP retorted that they were just trying to be honest with him – after all, their relationship was probably unlikely to develop because of his cat.

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The OP just paid and left, but their friend called them jerks for being a bit offensive.

Seeing that the man began to insist and gradually lose his temper, the OP simply called the waiter and asked to split the check. When they told their mutual friend about this, she only stated that the OP was completely wrong – firstly, she offended a really nice guy, and secondly, the cat is not a problem. Something can always happen to him later in his life…

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However, most of the commenters supported the OP as some of them were familiar with allergies themselves.

However, the commentators, many of whom were familiar with allergies firsthand, basically supported the OP – after all, they really tried to be honest with the person, and it is better to immediately refuse than to suffer for several months, and then still leave. .

Some people recalled that once they were in the place of the OP, they still entered into a relationship, and their decisions ended up becoming something of a masochism. In any case, the general consensus is that the OP did the right thing, to be honest, and this person, and basically their friend, is not exactly right.

To be honest, we have a kind of allergy – an allergy to posts without comments, so we would love your opinions on this story, and even better, your own stories. In the end, any narrative about one’s own experience becomes much more important and more interesting.

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