“Am I a jerk because I fired a kindergarten worker at a kindergarten?”

When you have another person taking care of your child, the last thing you need is an inner feeling telling you that something is wrong. But that’s exactly what a Reddit user CeleryKey9938 had to experience.

Recently, she had doubts about one of the employees of the kindergarten where her daughter is studying, so she began to pay more attention to how a woman treats a child. Almost immediately, Mom noticed a huge level of familiarity that she just couldn’t accept. So she went to the director.

The worker had to say goodbye not only to Celeri’s daughter Key, but also to her job. Therefore, some of her acquaintances told the woman that she could handle the situation more calmly. Not sure what to do with her actions, mama did Mail on the ‘I [Jerk]?subreddit by asking its members to share their thoughts on the conflict. Here is what she wrote.

This mother was so overwhelmed by how long the day care worker had been talking to her daughter that she went to talk to the principal.

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But the acquaintance continued, and she said that the worker seemed “obsessed” with her child.

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Image credits: CeleryKey9938

To emphasize his point of view, the author of the post made an additional commentstressing that it was strange that her child was the only one who received a lot of extra attention.

“My daughter is a wonderful child, but [there are] at least twenty or so in the room. I don’t understand why she is so obsessed with my daughter,” she explained. – That’s what bothered me.

Regardless of how you feel about this particular case, the reality is that many parents are not entirely happy with their children’s daycare and our hectic lifestyle often puts us in an awkward position.

In an earlier KristenBellTattoos.com interview, former editor-in-chief and the woman behind blogs Motherhood: The Real Deal as well as 40 What nowTalia Stone, said she also questions what goes on in her daughter’s daycare, but since parents rely on these services to be able to continue their careers, managing the juggling between raising a family and earning a living can be quite difficult. .

“While we may feel that conditions are far from ideal or up to our standards, frankly, at least for most parents, not sending their children is simply not an option,” she said.

Most agreed with the original poster (OP) and said the worker was overstepping the mark.

To make matters worse, the average cost to send a child to daycare in 2021 rose 5% to $226 a week from $215 in 2019 before the pandemic, according to an annual survey by Care.com, an online family-finding platform. care.

Meanwhile, in 2021, babysitting cost $694 per week, up 23% from $565 per week in 2019, while the national average weekly rate was $261 last year, up 7% than before the pandemic.

Washington, D.C. was the most expensive area to have a childcare or nanny — on average, it cost $419 a week to send your child to daycare and $855 to hire a nanny — that’s 85% and 23% respectively higher than the national average.

“When it comes to childcare, there are three critical criteria – cost, quality, and affordability – and based on our research, not only have we not made progress as a country, we have actually gone backwards.” — Natalie Meislich, President, Consumer Department of Care.com, said.

The increase in childcare spending between 2019 and 2020 is even exceeded the annual inflation rate. At the same time, almost half of the parents said that it was more difficult for them to find childcare services. What makes sense given that almost 16000 child care providers closed between December 2019 and March 2021.

If parents had more choice or could afford other ways to organize childcare, maybe they could find places that would better suit their (and their child’s) needs and we would have fewer stories like this?

But some were on the edge and either didn’t want to make any judgment or even thought the OP was the jerk in the situation.

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