“Am I a jerk for locking the bathroom door after my brother-in-law sneaks in?”

Reddit user Sand 2019 And her husband wanted to feel like they were always open to each other, so they made a pact — no locks on the house.

But when the man’s brother came to live with the couple, he quickly realized this and began to resent his sister-in-law’s lack of privacy.

He would constantly come in front of her in the bathroom. Even more strangely, she realized that her husband did not take her seriously.

So the woman only did what she thought would bring her peace. But the situation worsened.

The couple had a rule of keeping all the doors of their house open.

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But whenever his wife was in the bathroom, his cowardly brother would start abusing her

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After her story went viral, the woman released an update

Image credit: Sand 2019

And provided more information about the controversy in the comments.

People on the internet have unanimously agreed with him.

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