“Am I a jerk for saying my brother and future SIL’s wedding wasn’t worth the cost after saying no?”

Let’s face it, Pandas, weddings are expensive. When you start counting all the great things you want to see on your love day – from flower arrangements to magical tree lights – you may realize that you should have started saving a few years earlier. However, we usually hear about spending, generosity, and budgetary opportunities from the perspective of honeymooners. It’s time to take a look at how expensive having guests can be.

A redditor told the AITA online community why did she decide Saying no to her brother and sister-in-law’s wedding is a real behind-the-scenes look at how money problems can put even the strongest family relationship to the test. Read OP’s full story on how netizens reacted, and then tell us if you think the woman was right or wrong in refusing to attend her brother’s out-of-state wedding.


Weddings can be expensive to organize, but they are also expensive to maintain. Especially if the happy couple is very demanding

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A woman who is very close to her brother shared why she decided to skip his wedding. It all came down to her sister-in-law’s behavior



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The wedding services industry is absolutely massive. In the United States alone, the industry’s market size was a whopping $57.9 billion in 2022. However, in recent years it has decreased slightly. Over the past 5 years, the size of the industry has actually shrunk by 6.3%. However, this year it has grown by 2.1%. The Covid-19 pandemic has definitely had an impact over the last couple of years, however it does not explain the drop from 2017 to 2019.

Flight, gifts, new clothes…not to mention all the “freebies” that the bride demanded from the OP, it all worked out. So much so that the redditor decided to be true to her feelings and not attend the wedding. It just wasn’t worth the cost to her. Especially considering that her daughter-in-law [cough cough] peculiar behavior when it came to throwing some preparation costs.

The AITA community was very sympathetic to the author of the post. In their opinion, the happy couple acted too correctly. It was also a mystery why the OP didn’t invite the bride or groom to parties given the number of requests for help. It’s just all very strange. And the whole situation suggests that the bride may have wanted an incredibly luxurious, fabulous wedding, but may not actually have the means to fulfill her desire. Either that, or there are some very confusing feelings and a low-key resentment she has for her husband’s sister.

According to research made by The Knot, the average cost of a wedding invitation in 2021 was $460, about $30 more than in 2019.

If the wedding was local, the cost came down to just $270. However, those traveling out of the city can end up spending up to $660 on average…although that pales in comparison to guests who had to fly: they spent an average of $1,270. Meanwhile, wedding gifts (part of all those calculations) cost roughly $160.

Keep in mind that things are bound to get even more expensive as the worry about inflation as well as rise in prices for keep chasing, well, Almost all. But this should not detract from the joy of events such as weddings. We all just need to be bigger creative and flexible in how we approach things, both as guests and as those who tie the knot.

The OP shared some more of her thoughts in the comments on her post.

Meanwhile, here’s how other people felt about the family drama

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