“Am I a jerk for telling my ‘always late’ friends in advance so we’ll be on time?”

You know that disorganized, somewhat selfish, long-time friend who you secretly hate for not respecting your time? Well, Reddit user Perfect-Extension has three of them.

So as you can imagine, planning a group vacation with them can be a nightmare. Flights, hotels, and dinners… there are so many places you have to go and so many extra headaches if you arrive late.

So Perfect-Extension came up with an idea to make sure everything runs smoothly. He began lying to the gang that they needed to get their appointments ahead of schedule. And it worked like a charm. But when her friends found out about it, they were furious, and accused the lady of destroying their trust.

Uncertain about his actions, he attracted to the subreddit ‘Am I? [Jerk]?’ To explain what happened and to hear what other people think about it.

This woman got so sick and tired of her friends being late, she started lying to them about the time so they would get there early.

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But when they found out, there was a huge fight in the gang.

Image credit: Gustavo Fring (not original photo)

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After the story went viral, the OP gave more context on their friendship.

All agreed that the OP did nothing wrong.

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