“Am I a jerk for throwing my siblings into foster care so I can have a better life?”

Recently a heartbreaker A 19-year-old woman’s story went viral on AITA subreddit. The story comes from a Redditor named Maybeenobaby whose family of eight younger siblings “hit rock bottom.”

“My mom and stepdad are going to be gone for a long time, and everyone is rushing to get all these kids home,” the author explained. And since Maybeenobaby is the only one over 18, everyone expects it.

But now the writer feels like the chance to “live a better life” has finally arrived, so he decides to take his 6-year-old sister and move to another state. Meanwhile, seven other siblings will have to go into foster care. Feeling quite guilty, maybe she made the right decision.

A 19-year-old woman recently told how she left her 7 siblings in foster care when her family hit rock bottom in hopes of building a better future.

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And this is what people commented on this whole situation.

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