“Am I a jerk to make my husband fly coach while flying first class?”

recently, A 32-year-old woman asked AITA community to find out whether she was right or wrong in quarreling with her husband.

“My husband’s (33m) company recently selected him to attend a conference in Miami. It was quite an honor that they chose him and a few of his co-workers out of a ton of candidates. ” wrote the woman. Turns out, attendees were allowed to bring spouses and partners, but had to buy tickets for themselves.

At this point, the author realized she would have to fly coach, while her husband had a first-class seat provided by the company. This did not sit well with her, so she pressured her husband to give up his seat for her like “a gentleman”.

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Woman wonders if she was wrong to pressure her husband to give up his ‘earned’ first class seat for her and fly coach on his work trip

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Whether flying coach or first class, airline tickets are looking more expensive than ever. Data The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ recently released Consumer Price Index showed that airfares rose 18.6 percent from March to April 2022 — the largest one-month jump in recorded history.

Additionally, airfares have increased by 33% in 2022 compared to this time last year. That means Americans are paying a third more for flights than they were a year ago. High fuel costs and high demand for travel after the pandemic are among the factors responsible for this.

According to one, with more and more of the largest aircraft, it’s no wonder that customer satisfaction with airlines has been at an all-time low over the past year. JD Power Survey Recently published. The same survey showed a decline in customer satisfaction among all ticket classes, coach, business and first class passengers.

Many believed that it was wrong for the writer to take her husband’s first-class ticket that his company provided her.

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