“Am I not giving my family a single lottery win right?”

Quarrels over money can bring out the worst in some people, be they distant acquaintances or your closest relatives. And things can get incredibly heated when the golden jackpot is played, full of millions.

A recent lottery winner who made great strides and received a whopping $ 5.6 million in October, shared what happened him. He turned to the AITA subreddit for a verdict on whether he was a jerk because he chose not to give his family money.

Instead, he decided to act wisely. However, the consequences in his social circle were quite large. Find the full story below, Pandas. Let us know which side you are on. And if you’ve ever won the lottery, let us know in the comments if it changed you, because research shows that people tend to stay the same even after making millions.

Many of us wondered how our life would change if we won the lottery.

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Well, one man explained what he did with his $ 5.6 million jackpot and how his family reacted to his decisions.

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Psychology Today notes how Bengt Larsson discovered that lottery winners tend to remain the same… The only thing that changes is that they usually consume a lot more. The myth that winners become someone completely different is actually just a myth.

What worried the Redditor most was that he would fall into the same trap that many winners fall into: spending all winnings in just a few short years. Instead, the author of the post explained how he decided to take care of his future and that of his wife by investing money and paying off all their debts.

However, this meant that he would not be able to give money to his family. Some of you Pandas may be surprised to learn that they didn’t take it very well when they heard they weren’t getting a dime. They expected this sudden financial prosperity to mean that someone would pay off all their debts without lifting a finger. And imagine all the luxury family trips they all go on!

The family quickly turned on the redditor after he explained what he had done with the money. They pretty quickly ostracized him, telling him never to talk to them again. Apparently, if you don’t spend all your money on someone, you will automatically be branded as someone who is no longer part of the family. Is there a lot of headings? You bet.

Financial Advisor Robert Pallarini explained to Business Insider that very first the lottery winner must do, after confirming that the jackpot belongs to him, is to take a “very deep breath” and then hire a lawyer, tax specialist and financial advisor.

“This financial dream team can help you make smart financial decisions and plan for the future,” said the expert.

Pallarini warned that many lottery winners are going through the so-called “sudden wealth honeymoon phase.” Many let the prize money dictate how their lives will change, but the winners must do their best to resist it. This means actively planning how you would like to see your life. To do this, you need a clear strategy for how you will use your money to achieve your goals. In other words, you should be the one in control of the pot of gold, not the other way around. Exactly what the redditor did when he asked for advice on the internet.

Most of the people were very supportive of the redditor. Here’s what they had to say about the entire family drama.

Some netizens asked for a little more information and the OP was willing to tell more about himself.

Usually people thought that there was nothing wrong with doing reasonable with their winnings.

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