“Am I wrong for calling my husband ridiculous and refusing to take the list of expectations he gave me for my ‘birthday month’?”

Imagine a perfect day: what would it be like for you? Well, looks like the guy in this story had a pretty clear vision of it. “He goes out with his friends whenever he wants.” “He plays with his Xbox for hours without interrupting his wife.” I am not just making it up.

these demands come r/AITA . a post on, from a Redditor and wife, who announced that “her husband is turning 30 next month” and added that “it’s a big deal for him, clearly.” In fact, to say that the deal was big would be an understatement.

The husband calls the entire month “the month of his birthday” and creates an expectation list that basically deconstructs his day-to-day responsibilities and enables him to do everything he wants. Expectations were about to be fulfilled not just from anyone, but from his wife. So let me tell you that this did not sit well with him, and clearly, the family drama ensued.

Recently a woman has shared this ‘hope list’ she got from her husband.

(not the actual picture)

It turns out he’s turning 30 next month, which he calls “his birthday month,” which means he expects the special treatment listed above.

And people had to comment on this whole matter.

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