Amanda Keller reacts to 2022 Gold Logie snubs

Former Gold Logie nominee Amanda Keller has opened up about skipping this year, admitting it caused “emotions to spread”.

Former Gold Logie nominee Amanda Keller opened up about being omitted from this year’s coveted awards category during a candid appearance this morning live.

Radio presenter and Living room The 60-year-old host became the center of what is arguably the most controversial Gold Logie race in the history of the ceremony in 2019 – the last show to take place before two years of Covid-related cancellation – when hard quiz host Tom Gleason won the prize after a highly cynical campaign.

Nominations for the 62nd TV Week Logie Awards were announced on Sunday after Covid forced the awards to go on hiatus for two years.

Keller told her co-radio host Brendan “Jonsey” Jones on WSFM. Jonesy and Amanda reveal on Monday morning that she was “a little warned” that she was not nominated this year, and that it caused “an interesting outburst of emotions.”

Instead, the Gold Logie will go to Hamish Blake, Julia Morris, Karl Stefanovich, Melissa Leong, Ray Meagher, Sonia Krueger, or incumbent Gleason.

“So, in the last two Logies, I was claiming gold,” Keller told Jones today.

“And it’s hard, yakka, to spruik yourself. This is such an award, I was so proud to be nominated… I took it very seriously. This is an important piece of Australian television history and being nominated for this role meant the world to me.”

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She further admitted that Logies’ latest campaign was “really tough” due to the nature of the competition between her and Gleason.

“He had a comedic routine about it, the trope was, ‘This is pointless, but I’m going to break the system,’ and he sort of propelled it along the way,” Keller explained.

“So usually (the nominees) are just running their own race, but I couldn’t run my own race because that narrative got picked up by the press and it became Tom vs. Me.

Keller clarified that for her, it wasn’t about winning, but that she had difficulty navigating the Gleason spectacle.

“I didn’t have to win – a year earlier Grant Denier had won and I was ecstatic because I follow that Gloria Steinem quote, the idea that you are “connected” not ranked. Just being there and being close to the other nominees, what a compliment.

“But (the last Logies) I felt like we were ranked and it was hard.”

In 2018, Denier faced the unusual prospect of being nominated for the Golden Loggia for his show. Family feud – which has just been decommissioned. Strange circumstances prompted Gleason to withdraw his support, launching a #Denyer4Gold campaign that quickly went viral, and even derailed an interview on Project advance the agenda.

Addressing the quirky 2018 Gold Logie race this morning, Keller admitted that despite winning, Denier’s feelings were hurt.

“I know he (Gleason) had offended Grant a year before by saying, ‘I won this for Grant, this year I’m going to sharpen the joke and win this for myself,'” she told Jones.

“He said, ‘Logies are a joke, I’m going to destroy the system and win.’ So what is he doing this year? Because he deserves it, he has a great show, he has very good ratings, he is a very popular person.

“But the trope around it was, ‘I don’t particularly want it, and hell, I still have it.’

Live voting for all Most Popular awards, including the Golden Loggia, is open for five weeks until the red carpet TV ends on June 19th.

The 62nd TV WEEK Logie Awards will take place on Sunday, June 19 at the Gold Coast Convention Center.

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