Amazing character may return in Better Call Saul

Last Monday, Bob Odenkirk threw the first pitch at a Chicago Cubs game against the Pittsburgh Pirates and stopped by a booth to talk about baseball and Better Call Saul. In a Reddit thread offering a lot of speculation about Marion’s possible return, a commenter Triples_Alley quoted Odenkirk as saying, “Carol Burnett joins us for the last four episodes … well, she’s a couple – no spoilers – she’s on the show.” That quick disclaimer seems like a clear sign that she’ll be back for one of the final three installments.

Her character definitely has a potential further arc. Marion gave a few hints during “Nippy” that she’s not some weak old lady obliviously riding a scooter in her remaining years. She noticed that the rut stuck on her front wheel was gone as she headed to the grocery store, and her sly comments about famous Albuquerques and bad crowds hint that she knows more than she lets on.

Some Reddit users have suggested that Marion could be the ex-wife of Cliff Maine (Ed Begley Jr.), the mother of Howard Hamlin (Patrick Fabian), or Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn). YouTube Vanity Fair fan theory video. “She’s connected to someone you met on the show,” Odenkirk said.[but] it will take you some time to understand it.” However, her character is obviously more important than her scenes in Nippy, and it looks like we’ll definitely be seeing more Carol Burnett in Better Call Saul.

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