Amazon and Constantine are working on a fantasy film “Silver” with Jana McKinnon –

EXCLUSIVE: Amazon and German production and distribution company Constantin Film are teaming up to create a fantasy film for young people. Silver (working title), based on the popular novel of the same name by Kerstin Gere.

Silver tell a story 17-year-old Liv moves to London with her mother Ann and younger sister Mia. When Liv meets the mysterious Henry, everything changes. He belongs to a secret circle that has the ability to “lucid dream”. But little do they know that a high price has to be paid for the fulfillment of their dreams.

Mainly made up of up-and-coming and breakthrough actors and actresses, the cast includes Jana McKinnon. (We are the children of the Bahnhof Zoo) as Liv, Riva Krymalovsky (When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit) as Mia, Reese Mannion (It’s in us all) as Henry, Chaneil Kular (sex education) as Arthur, Efeos Afolabi Jasper, Theo Ogier Grayson, Josephine Blazer Anabel, Samira Breuer (One night without days off) as Persephone and Nicolette Krebitz (Wild) as Liv Ann’s mother.

Helena Hufnagel will direct. Producer Lena Schomann. The script was written by Sina Flammang in collaboration with Christian Ditter.

Movie (which has franchise potential given its source material) soon to be filmed in London and Dublin in German and English. Prime Video is slated to launch in 2023.

Amazon and Constantine teamed up last year for a drama series We, the children from the Bahnhof Zoowhich starred the Austrian-Australian actress McKinnon. Krymalovsky received a breakthrough at the 2019 box office When Hitler Stole the Pink Rabbit while Rhys Mannion made his 2022 SXSW full-length drama debut. It’s in all of us. Shaneil Kular is best known for her hit Netflix series. sex education.

Konstantin is well known for film franchises, including Resident Evil and german hit fuck you Goethe.

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