Amazon Prime Paper Girls Fans Receive Terrible News

Amazon Prime has decided not to renew Paper Girls for a second season. Term. The series did not garner enough viewership to reach the Nielsen ratings despite positive reviews. In the summer before The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power premiered, any new show was likely to get lost in the hype of one of the most expensive debut seasons of any TV show. The hype surrounding “Ring of Power” was fierce, which meant that “Paper Girls” had to build its audience to stay in the Amazon Prime streaming conversation.

This news is no doubt disappointing to showrunners as well as comic book creators Brian Q. Vaughn and Cliff Chang. During the premiere, Chan said Newsweek“The comic is so personal to Brian and me and seeing it turn into live action, seeing the actresses actually fill those roles, was really exciting. And it’s amazing to see how they expanded the story. I think this is a show that will reward both fans of the comic and those who have never read it.”

But not all can be lost for the second season, as Deadline also revealed that co-production company Legendary Television is selling the series to other studios due to its female cast. Fans should definitely keep their fingers crossed.

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