Amazon Prime Paper Girls Ready to Claim Rarest Awards at Rotten Tomatoes

Currently, at the time of the release of Season 1, Paper Girls has a perfect 100% cumulative critical score on rotten tomatoes. This means that the Rotten Tomatoes algorithm has determined each of the reviews published by notable critics to be positive enough to warrant universal praise.

In one of the reviews that contributed to the perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes for “Paper Girls” published by Sydney Morning Herald, author Brad Newsom awarded the series four stars out of a possible five. “It’s all intelligently conceived and beautifully executed, and looks like a real winner from the start,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, in a review of Hollywood Reporter, Dan Finberg described the series’ special effects as underwhelming, but praised the exploration of human emotion at its core. “The dynamic between the four girls from 1988 at a party in 1999 is far more special than the expensive special effects,” he wrote of his reaction to the season’s conclusion. “It’s a disappointing end, but it’s a real investment-driven disappointment. I will accept it.”

Of course, the longer Paper Girls gets out, the more likely it is that its perfect Rotten Tomatoes rating will no longer hold. However, at this point, Paper Girls is the rare series that all the critics love, with Rotten Tomatoes approval.

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