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Whether it’s dinner and a movie with your significant other or a bachelorette party, there’s nothing like a movie night! My favorite part of a movie night is, of course, the appetizers. For women’s movie night, my friends and I do our best. And wine corks! Wine, cocktails and fabulous sausage board. I make sure she’s cute and comfortable with an oversized top and stylish leggings.

My significant other cannot watch movies without popcorn. We’re pulling out popcorn popper and make our own fresh popcorn. Extra oil for me! I’m loading up on snacks at the cinema and we’re enjoying a classic movie. On warm evenings I grab cozy plaid and take things outside. Big screen, starry sky and romantic comedy. In or out, you’ll love these perfect products for a movie night.

You will love the products selected by our editor! FYI: We are an Amazon affiliate and may receive a share of the sale of your purchase (at no cost to you).

Dinner in minutes pizza stone

by using Amazon

In my house, pizza is dinner more often than I’m willing to admit. But who doesn’t love pizza? With this pizza stone, we can bake our own pets. Mushrooms and spinach if I keep my figure. Pineapples and ham, if not. Yes, pineapples go on pizza! Perfect food for a movie night!

Light guacamole with mortar and pestle

819cWec9E7L. SL1500
by using Amazon

I’m not a fan of cilantro. So guacamole in my house is always made at home. This mortar and pestle set makes whipping guac a breeze. My recipe is simple: avocado, butter, lemon, diced tomatoes and seasonings.

Keep wipes close by napkin holder

81L6fUpl0uL. AC SX679
by using Amazon

As the house’s official washerwoman, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wondered what’s smeared across the front of my pants. People! I buy napkins and put them nice napkin holders like this. Use them. Please thanks!

Wrap yourself up in these cozy blankets

A1jgXLjRE8L. AC SX679
by using Amazon

I am constantly cold and I keep a blanket nearby. I have a nice little basket with a plaid and blankets in the family room. They are perfect for outdoor movie nights. Cozy blanket, my boo and the Breakfast Club. What could be better?

Serving made easy with biodegradable products paper plate set

81rT6fiMAZL. AC SX679
by using Amazon

When it comes to snacking, I take it very seriously. I also try to take the protection of Mother Earth seriously. This paper plate set comes with all crockery and silverware. Bonus is it’s biodegradable. Talk about guilt-free snacking with a light cleansing.

Aerate your wines with this decanter set

71SYDMjUQ2L. AC SL1500
by using Amazon

One of my friends is a serious connoisseur of wines. Yes, I had to look up how the word is spelled. But here’s how seriously she takes her wine. I have seen that decanter aeration kit and knew that I had to get it for our girls’ night.

Update your snacks with crystal plates

81pOcadh6BL. AC SL1500
by using Amazon

My girlfriends can be a little boogie. No paper plates or anything like that. So I capture the imagination crystal plastic plates for them. I love the feeling of an expensive dinner without an expensive budget.

Easily cut pizza with ergonomic pizza cutter

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by using Amazon

At some point, I started to develop a carpal tunnel in my dominant hand. So I looked for ways to take the pressure off my nerves. This ergonomic pizza cutter this is a find. I can cut the pizza into slices for the family or into squares for the girlfriends.

Easily create drinks with shaking kit

616n+JiTf5L. AC SL1200
by using Amazon

I’m not a very good bartender. I usually stick with daiquiris or margaritas. Ever since my friend took bartending courses, she made me try my hand at mixing drinks. This cocktail shaking kit definitely helped me pick up my game with alcohol.

No more broken glass unbreakable wine glasses

71p+6z+Ka9L. AC SL1500
by using Amazon

Accidentally dropped or broken. I have lost too many pairs of good points. These unbreakable wine glasses survived many movie nights AND the dishwasher! No more picking up tiny pieces of glass from the floor.

Add a twist to your evening with popcorn and condiment set

91Eml1pRXqL. SX679
by using Amazon

What could be better than hot buttered popcorn? Seasoned popcorn! i stumbled upon this bag of popcorn and condiments and fell in love. I can be a little tough with seasoning. But it’s movie night – don’t skimp on the taste!

Add some fun to your movie with ring toss game

81 h3dUvoGL. AC SX679
by using Amazon

Open-air movie nights often turn into game nights. While my darling is setting up the projector or my girlfriend is playing bartending, I am playing games! This ring toss game is one of my favorites. Just set up and I’m still undefeated!

Light up the night with magic flame

814prpm7LiL. AC SX679
by using Amazon

I think movie night is even more special when it’s outside. I originally bought these magic flame to add zest to a children’s holiday. Now I keep them on hand for watching adult movies.

Treat your guests to wooden tray

71n57FLOssL. AC SX679
by using Amazon

When I schedule a meeting, my focus is on food. This wooden tray ideal for trying new breads and cheeses. I like to imagine that I am at a cooking show and show off my amazing knife skills.

Cut and slice your snacks with Mandolin Chopper

91FaDhyATZL. AC SX679
by using Amazon

My sausage boards are not just cheese and crackers on a board. Oh no! i use this all in one mandolin chopper slice and dice my way to a fancy spread. Spiral vegetables, thinly sliced ​​cheeses. My favorite use is chopping vegetables to add to sauces and salsa.

Use LED lightsto set the mood

led lights2.jpg.optimal
by using Amazon

I can’t believe that I was sleeping LED lights so long. This is one of the coolest features in our TV room! I love to play with colors and change the mood. Red lights just for my love!

An inflatable projection screen brings the magic of the big screen to your backyard

shaker 2.jpg.optimal
by using Amazon

No backyard movie night is complete without inflatable projection screen! I hesitated at first, but it’s like bringing a car film into your backyard. There are no giant trucks in front of you and you know the bathrooms are clean.

Stay warm and cozy in light blanket

71s7zrJ7O8L. AC SX679
by using Amazon

One day my iron levels may rise. Until then, I’ll bring mine light duvet outside with me for movie night. Even better if I can get Bay to hug me. Perfect for movies and makeup – minus nosy neighbors.

Mix your favorite cocktails shaker set

shaker 2 1.jpg.optimal
by using Amazon

When it comes to mixed drinks, there is something special about the perfect combination of sweet and tart. This cocktail shaker Was a gift from a friend of the bartender. She thought it would save her a job as a bartender. Does not work.

Novelty socks Keep your toes warm and toasted

716AUwJ6rkL. AC UX522
by using Amazon

If it’s cozy, warm, or fluffy, I want it! I originally bought these novelty socks for my son. But once I felt how soft they were, I had to keep them. When I want more popcorn, I just point to my feet.

cooler glass keeps your drinks cold

by using Amazon

Who wants to drink warm wine? Not me! I have been known to nurse the drink for quite some time. With this chiller toggle switchI can go back to my drink in an hour. Still nice and cold.

Small ice tray for chilled drinks

81IRekKrJlL. AC SX679
by using Amazon

I am a lover of cute and useful. The best of it ice cube tray how fast it freezes. My bartender friend advised me to freeze fruit juice in them. No watery drinks when the ice melts.

Get comfortable on inflatable sofa

inflatable 2.jpg.optimal
by using Amazon

i’m in love with it inflatable sofa. Patio chairs just don’t match the comfort of these cool chairs. Besides, they are much better to hug!

Turn up the volume to bluetooth speaker

715jNNuRzHL. AC SY450
by using Amazon

Can you turn up the volume? How many times have you said it? More times than I can count. I hate to admit that my hearing is not what it used to be. This bluetooth speaker so easy to connect, even I can do it myself.

Show time with portable projector

81a5RE6nSDL. AC SY450
by using Amazon

I always think about school when I see projector. Remember how the teacher lowered that screen and turned on the projector? Brings back pleasant memories. Another reason I enjoy a good movie night.

Set the scene with cinema pillowcases

by using Amazon

I have to say it cinema pillowcases really set the mood for a movie night. I love a good topic. Even my picky girlfriend gave it to me when she saw them at my last girls night. The best part? They are easy to wash when someone inevitably spills.

Change your shoes for comfortable ones non slip socks

71fAhNeWKEL. AC UX522
by using Amazon

I hate shoes! I would go barefoot all day if I could. Unfortunately, my little ones are too cold for that. These non slip socks stop me from sliding on hardwood floors and keep my toes nice and cozy.

Get comfortable in the fun pajamas

by using Amazon

I can’t wear these entertainments pajamas often, but I had to get them for a movie night. Pizza, popcorn and pajamas. What could be a more perfect combination?

Show snacks on sausage board

81XeTcsrWfL. AC SX679
by using Amazon

When my vegan friends visit, I use two separate sausage boards. Drawers on this one help me keep “no meat” utensils separate from “meat” tools. As someone who has been meat-free for a long time, I know what the touch of meat can do to a sensitive tummy.

Popcorn Safely

via Amazon

I used to have a glass popcorn machine, but after fear of burns, I needed a safer option for movie nights. This silicon popcorn maker this is exactly what I was looking for. And it has a wide range of colors to match any kitchen palette. Victory. AB!

Adults slush in snow cone machine

snow cone machine 2.jpg.optimal
by using Amazon

I am truly a child at heart. Nothing brings me back to my childhood quite like a sweet treat. i use this snow cone machine do drunken slush. Simply freeze your favorite concoction and use it in place of ice. Add adult juice to complete it.

Carry snacks in shower cabin

41ZEK1CWf5L. AC US40
by using Amazon

I’m a big fan of remodeling things. For movie night I like to use this shower baskets store my favorite movie goodies. One slot is the perfect drink holder. No more dropping snacks and spilling drinks

Hall in a comfortable leggings

81n2iAV0nTS. AC UY550
by using Amazon

What goes best with a dress with pockets? The perfect pair of stretchy comfy pants! These leggings elastic and comfortable. Just what I need when I’m gorging myself on movie night snacks.

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