Amazon’s Philip Pratt on shining ‘in the face of a flood of content’ –

EXCLUSIVE: Amazon’s head of German originals, Philip Pratt, says the upcoming movies and TV series are the culmination of two years of work as Prime Video looks to “stand out in the face of a flood of content” and prepares for a major unscripted local push.

Later this evening, Pratt and Amazon Germany Regional Manager Kasper Pfluger will present several shows and films at the Prime Video Presents event in Munich, including Silverwhich reported earlier today.

In an exclusive interview with, Pratt said he sees the tablet as the culmination of a period of development and production that will allow SVoD to uniquely position itself against other global streamers and resurgent local broadcasters, all of which spend significant sums on their own original shows. “For the last two years we have been engaged in construction and development, and now we are ready to go. We’re going to launch tons of stuff,” he said.

“In terms of competition, this is a great time for Germany with so many streamers. We see us all pushing the market along with public broadcasters and commercial broadcasters who book a lot of shows. Everyone is producing more, which is great for the creative industry and the audience.

“Amazon has always been very customer-focused and the main strategy in Germany is to offer exceptional entertainment,” he added. “In the face of this flood of content, we have to really do things that stand out and are unique, wondering if the project really needs to be seen by the audience?”

Germany was one of the first two European countries where Amazon launched its streaming service, along with the UK back in 2014 when it rebranded the Lovefilm platform and began releasing original shows in 2017. Buzzy titles already announced for this next round include German fantasy. series Griffin from W&B Television in collaboration with DogHaud Film; elite gangster epic Luden, from Neusuper; and psychological drama series Therapy from the Ziegler film.

Pratt said the development period included a strategy to build a platform for big name local stars such as One microphone stand host and comedian Teddy Teklebran, and create buzz around new faces by pointing out how Lea Drinda, who starred in Griffin (Die Greif) and Jana McKinnon, who played a key role in Silverproven locally through the popular original Amazon We children from Bahnhoff.

“There are a few superstars in Germany that really bring audiences and people to the box office, but we need more so we have to create new stars and that’s why we’re creating what I like to call the universe of talent.” he added. “You will see this happening throughout our roster – there will be new faces that we will invest in and help grow bigger and bigger. We do the same with behind-the-camera talent.”

Unscripted push

Pratt said 2022 marks a dramatic shift in investment levels, and a significant unplanned push is expected after the local success of the competition format. LOL: last laugher. “We’re really going to invest more in the unwritten script – that’s a long-term goal,” he said. “LAUGHING OUT LOUD was our most successful title of all time – all seasons.” understands that there will be some big unscripted announcements tonight – you can read all the details here. The move comes months after recently departed Amazon Studios Europe boss Georgia Brown said’s broadcasters and streamers had underinvested in non-script space prior to her arrival in 2017.

Pratt acknowledged that the “flip side” of the boom in German manufacturing, especially unrecorded production, was a lack of skilled crew and specialists, and said that collective action was needed to rectify the situation. “We all struggle,” Pratt said. “I do not believe in the decisions of one company or country, because this is a more important issue. Many people need to be trained to solve this problem.”

Amazon is actively promoting unscripted scripts in several key international territories, including the UK and India.

Elsewhere in the interview, Pratt called Brown’s recent departure a “surprise” but took an upbeat tone with International Originals boss James Farrell taking the lead until a replacement was hired and local chief Pfluger was on all local commissions. “Amazon is a good place at the moment and we are continuing our strategy. I don’t see big failures,” he said.

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