Amber Heard injured hours before interview with James Corden, court hearing

Former makeup artist Amber Heard spoke to the court today about what went on behind closed doors ahead of this interview with James Corden.

Makeup artist Melanie Inglessis said she noticed injuries to Amber Heard’s face on December 16, 2015, hours before the actress traveled to The Late Late Show with James Corden.

The night before, Heard, 36, testified in court that Johnny Depp, 58, headbutted her, pulled out a lock of her hair, and choked her until she passed out.

Ms Inglessis told the court that Hurd had bluish spots under her eyes, a swollen nose and a split lip. Fox News reports..

“We covered the discoloration or bruising with a slightly thicker concealer with a bit of peach,” she testified in a deposition recorded in February 2021. Peach neutralizes blueness, as well as under the eyes.

She added that Hurd’s signature look is red lipstick, but they had no other choice that night to “hide the injury on her lip.”

During her testimony, Ms. Inglessis, who was once a good friend of Heard, took off her glasses and burst into tears.

Ms. Inglessis also said that she had decided to end her friendship with Heard.

“I told Amber that I wish her the best, I’m just not interested in continuing the relationship, either at work or as a friend,” she said in a deposition recorded in February 2021 and testified before the jury today.

According to her, the awkward conversation took place about a month ago. “It was always like that, there was always some kind of conflict, some kind of quarrel,” she said about the relationship between Heard and Depp. Ms. Inglessis supported Hurd during her public breakup with Depp.

“There were always problems,” she testified. “It was a very absorbing friendship… that’s why I decided not to pursue it.”

Acting coach testifies: ‘He called it part of a slut’

Acting coach Christy Sexton said in a pre-recorded deposition that she worked with Amber Heard from 2010 to 2017.

The coach spent more than 300 sessions with Heard. According to her, over time, Johnny Depp began to express his opinion about her film roles.

“Why do you want to play such a role,” Ms. Sexton recalls Depp’s words. “My woman is not going to play such a role.” I heard it several times from him.”

On occasion, Depp called roles he didn’t want Heard to play “a lecherous role or a trash role,” she said in a deposition recorded in December 2019.

“They used to be incredibly sweet,” she said. “I saw them together less and less and heard a lot of muffled arguments through the wall.”

Ms. Sexton said Heard was crying in more than 80 percent of the sessions, and the acting coach had to create slack time to explain it.

“She sobbed at the beginning of the sessions and we couldn’t work,” she said. “Ironically, it’s a bit hard for her to cry because of acting, which a lot of us do, so yeah, we’d have to work when we did it smart.”

According to her, both Depp and Hurd changed for the worse during their relationship. Ms. Sexton also testified that she saw bruises on Heard’s arms and face and cuts on her forearms.

This story originally appeared on Fox News and published here with permission

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