Amber Heard interview: viewers left confused by one line

One moment in Amber Heard’s candid TV interview seemed to have a spectacular backfire: viewers were furious over one odd phrase.

One line spoken by Amber Heard during her publicized candid interview following her loss in court to ex-husband Johnny Depp left many viewers baffled.

Hurd, 36, spoke to NBC DatelineSavannah Guthrie for an hour-long libel trial in which she was called out over her claim that she “donated” her US$7 million (AU$10 million) in her divorce to charity.

The statement made in the television interview was played out in court, and Hurd was forced to admit that it was technically untrue that any payments had actually been made.

When Guthrie asked for an explanation, Heard used an odd comparison.

“I think when you say to someone, “I bought a house,” are you lying? Because you don’t have

at that time I paid for it in full,” she replied.

“I made a promise, and that promise is made over time, by its very nature.”

But the experienced journalist did not like the excuse.

“You’re being a little disingenuous because you know when you say you donated, everyone thinks you donated, not that you promised money,” Guthrie told her.

Hurd claimed that the trial was “meant to cast a shadow over who I am as a person, to call me a liar”, which drew a strong reaction from the interviewer.

“What was trial. It was a competition of trust,” she said.

Many viewers were also unconvinced by Hurd’s social media discourse.

“No Amber Heard, “I bought a house” is not the same as “I donated $ 7 million,” wrote one user.

Another said, “If you said you bought a house but you are paying for it, does that mean you are lying?” No. But if you say, “I split 7 million between the ACLU and the children’s hospital,” but gave them nothing but collateral, that’s a lie.”

Hurd’s reaction to the rest of the online interview wasn’t much better.

“No wonder Amber Heard continued her shameful lies. Just disgusting,” wrote a Twitter user.

“She is a 100% actress. Fake drama! said the other.

“If you were a friend of @realamberheard, you would tell her that this interview is not going to fix things,” wrote one.

Others were even more brutal: “Amber Heard needs to accept the loss and just stop. She makes herself worse. She is not a victim if she continues down this path. All I see is a daffodil.”

During the interview, the actress also revealed that she faced a tidal wave of support for Depp – and hatred for her – every day in court.

“I walked past city blocks where people were carrying signs saying things that couldn’t be repeated on TV,” she said.

“I saw the courtroom packed with Captain Jack Sparrow fans from all over the world. The jury saw it all.”

She said it was a traumatic experience, “witnessing sexual assault and violence in front of a whole room of people who expressed their contempt for me.”

Guthrie noted that in one of the texts transmitted during the trial, Depp vowed to arrange “total global humiliation” Heard.

“I’m not the best victim, I understand. I’m not a pleasant victim. I’m not a saint. I’m not asking anyone to love me. But when I testified, I asked the jury to consider me as a person. He promised to destroy me – it feels like he did it.

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