American mom from Germany lists reasons why she will never come back

A woman who now lives in Germany after moving from the US shared why she will never return to American soil …

A mother of three, who emigrated to Germany, shared all the reasons why she moved …

And specifically listed 2 of the most important reasons why she won’t be back.

She does lot meaning!

It’s no secret that the crime rate here in America is sky-high, especially when it comes to school shooting …

Since guns are the most common weapon in use, and there are no regulations to prevent this ever escalating problem.

In 2021 alone, a colossal 149 incidents a student or intruder shooting a pistol on school grounds …

At least thirty-two people were killed and ninety-four were injured in the national shooting.

Healthcare also big problem…

There is no universal health care here in the US, which means that many people are left with hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt that most simply cannot pay off.

So it’s no surprise that some people want to leave the country in search of a better life …

And one woman did just that, leaving with her children to start all over again in Germany.

And people reacted ambiguously to her decision …

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The mom, who took the bold step to Germany 2 years ago, recently posted a video listing all the reasons she would never return to the US, and it quickly went viral.

TikTok, with over 1.7 million views, posted @ she shared eleven benefits of her move that she can’t return.

“Because I don’t have to worry about my health insurance coverage,” Ali’s mom says in the video. “Because my children can go out and play without disturbing me, because the crime rate is much lower. Public transport. Thirty-odd vacation days a year. So much paid parental leave.

“Because my son is now bilingual and is working to become trilingual. Because I’ll save $ 100,000 on my son’s university tuition fees. Because I don’t have to worry about my student loans anymore. Because, although I live in the most religious state, I am not ashamed of being an atheist. “

“Because I can really afford babysitting,” Ali continues.

“Because my children don’t have to worry about staying alive. [killed] at school. And because my taxes are actually going to help other families. “

Ali also shared the difference between the US and German healthcare systems to her 704,200 subscribers, which attracted many people.

One videoAli debunks several myths along with the common misconception that universal health care means longer waiting times for patients.

“In Germany, the waiting times are actually shorter than in the US,” she explained.

“The second myth is that the government decides which doctors you go to and you can never get a second opinion. But in Germany, you can choose the doctors and specialists you want. And also a hospital. And you have the right to a second opinion. “

She continued, “In the United States, it is much more likely that your insurance company will determine your doctor, hospital, and even treatment plan. And they control if you can get a second opinion.

“The third myth is that the government spends too much money on health care. But the US spends on health care nearly double what Germany does now. ”

“And the last myth is that the quality of care is really low compared to the United States. But patients are very similar in assessing the quality of medical care in Germany and the United States. And Germany often outperforms the United States in many areas of patient care, ”added Ali.

In third videoShe also shared that Germany is known for its generosity when it comes to employee vacations.

“In Germany, if you work five days a week, the minimum time you have is 20 days. There is no minimum in the United States and it is entirely up to the employer.

“There is a standard for about 10 days. And unlike the United States, where many employers try to avoid punishment by giving their employees minimum leave, in Germany they often give their employees even more, ”Ali concludes.

What do you think of her comments?

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