Amy Duggar ‘nauseous’ of Josh Duggar’s family support

Josh Duggar’s cousin, Amy Duggar, has spoken out just days after his mother and sister pleaded for a reduced sentence, and she’s “sick” of their comments…

Amy King (Duggar) shared that she felt “an obligation to stand up and be truthful because other members of my family don’t.”

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The Duggars first rose to fame through reality TV 19 Children and counting.

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But at the same time, the family was a salutary image …

There have been many scandals over the years.

So much so that TLC eventually pulled the show in 2015 after Josh Duggar’s controversy involving young children.

Josh said at the time, “Twelve years ago as a teenager. I did something unforgivable, which I deeply regret and deeply regret.”

He continued: “We spoke with the authorities, where I confessed to my wrongdoings, and my parents arranged for me and those affected by my actions to consult.”

The incidents happened when he was fourteen, in 2002 and 2003.

The family did not report the incidents until the statute of limitations passed in 2006. At the time, Josh said he believed God had shown mercy to him and given him redemption.

Then, last year, Josh was arrested and charged with receiving and possessing children’s graphics.

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People reported that Josh was arrested on child photography charges, as he was found to have over 200 images of children on his computer.

Homeland Security Special Agent Gerald Faulkner described the items found as “one of the worst five of the worst I’ve ever had to investigate.” daily mail reported.

Faulkner also said that Josh uploaded files that included a “series of child sexual abuse material involving minors.”

Despite the find, Josh was released from prison pending trial…

And he was also still allowed to communicate with his children.

In December 2021, following a trial in Arkansas, Josh was found guilty of receiving and possessing abuse material.

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Josh has been in jail since sentencing and is due for sentencing at the end of this month.

Prior to sentencing, Josh’s defense team and federal prosecutors filed a memorandum of sentencing.

According to daily mailthe sentencing memorandum filed by Josh’s legal team included characterizations of his mother Michelle and his wife Anna in which they pleaded with the judge and asked for a light sentence.

The publication reports that in a letter from his mom, she wrote that she would like to “share some things about Joshua’s character that may not be fully known to the court,” in the hope that they will be “taken into account when a fair verdict is delivered.” “.

Describing him as someone with a “tender heart” and as someone “compassionate,” Michelle wrote, “If someone is having a hard time, he is one of the first to cheer or try to help them in a tangible way.”

In the letter, Michelle described Josh as “organized”, “diligent”, “loving”, and “patient”.

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At the end, she added that she is “ready to offer my unwavering love and support to Joshua and his family and for their success in the future – together.”

“We ask that he be reunited with his wife and family in a timely manner.”

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She took to social media to share that she was “vomited” by what they said.

“I’m sick of the news lately. I have so much to say before sentencing and I’m not afraid anymore,” Amy said. tweeted on Thursday.

On Friday, she tweeted again: “Above all, Josh is funny, charismatic, kind and everything my aunt listed in the letter. But there is also a sinister side,” she said. wrote. “His side that gives you goosebumps. You can’t ignore what he did years ago and what he was caught looking at! Are they delusional?

In a follow-up tweet, she noted that bullies don’t always look “doubtful.”

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“Rapists are not all shady people hiding in the alleys. They are among your friends, classmates, colleagues, family, etc. They are outgoing, lovable, charismatic and even charming, so it is much more important to act accordingly when they are exposed.”

“Wake up people. Stop living in denial,” she added.

She later turned to Josh’s wife for Twitter.

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“Dear Anna, how can you call your husband faithful and faithful? Have you forgotten his Ashley Madison account? Danica Dillon? King wrote. “Did you forget that he had a huge porn addiction for years? No loving, honest, devoted husband would ever treat his wife so disrespectfully.”

This was due to Duggar being a member of Ashley Madison’s website.

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And this adult movie star Danica Dillon told the press that she dated Duggar twice.

Amy concluded that “Everyone can have good qualities, building fortresses, helping people, smiling at the camera…”

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Amy later told insider: “It’s all sad and sickening because the victims will never see justice. It’s not about my name being mentioned in the media or watching my social media following grow,” she said.

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“They expect that they can continue to hide and sweep huge scandals under the rug. Enough means enough. This man deserves a full sentence, and even that is far from fair. I’m grateful that the light is finally breaking through.”

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They reportedly stated that he “proclaims his innocence and intends to exercise his right of appeal”.

However, the federal prosecutor’s office hopes that the term will be increased by 4 times …

The sentencing memorandum filed by prosecutors stated that they believed twenty years old the sentence was appropriate given his crimes.

The publication reports that the prosecutor’s office said that their request for a long term was based on several different reasons.

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These reasons included his “previous sexual exploitation of several minors” and his “extraordinary efforts” to view abuse material, as well as his “refusal to take responsibility or acknowledge any of his criminal acts”.

Prosecutors wrote that Josh had “child sexual abuse behavior” and that the pattern shows “a clear and longstanding sexual interest.”

“And, worrisomely, this sexual interest in children has gone and will likely continue – based on Duggar’s behavior throughout this case – without recognition or treatment,” they wrote.

The publication reports that prosecutors also said that “Duggar has a deep-seated, pervasive and violent sexual interest” and that he is “ready to act on that interest.”

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Josh Duggar is due to be sentenced on May 25th.

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