Amy Duggar SLAMS “toxic” people who “exploit innocent children and lie” after attacking Jim’s Uncle Bob and Cousin Josh

AMY Duggar criticized “toxic” people who “exploit innocent children and lie in a few clicks” in a poignant tweet she shared today.

The 35-year-old went to a microblogging site and shared an incredibly candid opinion when she urged her followers to “block toxicity.”


Amy Duggar Tweeted Toxic People TodayCredit: Instagram / Amy King
She recently criticized her uncle Jim Bob.


She recently criticized her uncle Jim Bob.Credit: Toby Canham for The US Sun.

She wrote: “Sometimes I can be naive and think that everyone is really good people. But this is not true and this is a sad world.

“But it’s extremely harmful for me to continue to be kind to those who exploit innocent children and lie with a few clicks of the mouse. Block the toxic. “

While it is unclear who she is specifically referring to, Amy claimed to have seen the “terrifying” DMs that this “toxic” person shared when she responded to her follower.

“People started sending me screenshots of the conversations they had with her at dm’s, so I started paying more attention and was just shocked,” Amy wrote.

“I just want to be surrounded by good people and without drama. You know? Life is so short! “

A seemingly knowledgeable follower added, “So confused … I thought you were on the same side? How does she exploit children? Not trying to be a troll, just sincerely not understanding what the problem is? “

To which Amy replied, “The problem is that her page is extremely unhealthy.”

Duggar’s cousin has long been outspoken, but after the arrest of Josh Duggar, he has risen a notch higher.

Amy recently shared a cryptic quote describing post-sentencing “sociopathic traits.”

In recent years, she has not held back.

Amy shared a tweet that read: “Lack of remorse, guilt or empathy, constant deception, failure to form emotional attachment, superficial charm, dishonesty, manipulative, reckless behavior.”

The tweet came after Josh was convicted of possession of child pornography on December 9, and fans were quick to assume it was about him.


Earlier in the week, Amy shared another cryptic tweet.

The quote she shared reads, “It is comforting to know that God is in control, even in chaos.”

Amy added no additional context, but spoke out several times during the trial.

She also spoke out after the trial, when news broke that Yana Duggar had pleaded guilty to charges of endangering a child.


Amy took aim at Jim Bob and Michelle, slapping them for “taking advantage” of their eldest daughter.

She began a lengthy tirade on Twitter, writing, “I believe that if you are a parent, you should look after your own children. It is always wrong for someone else to follow them instead of you.

“Okay, let me be clear about something. I’m not talking about loving good parents who work and provide for their families.

“I support it! Certainly! I’m talking about people who rely on aunts or friends, or those who use people to their advantage. Just because they can. “

In another tweet, she continued, “Your kids, even your elders, shouldn’t be your built-in babysitters. Your children, regardless of their age, should be able to live a normal teenage life.

“Helping from time to time is great, but having so many children is responsible for them.”

Amy did not reveal names, but many fans have speculated that the post was related to the charges against her.

Amy shared a poignant tweet


Amy shared a poignant tweetCredit: Twitter / Amy King.
She especially criticized Josh's cousin after he was convicted of child pornography.


She especially criticized Josh’s cousin after he was convicted of child pornography.Credit: WCSO
The reality TV star is working to put all of this behind her and has recently moved into a new home.


The reality TV star is working to put all of this behind her and has recently moved into a new home.Credit: Instagram / Amy King
Amy Duggar claims the family “HATES” that she is “telling the truth” as the star “won’t stop” amid Josh’s child pornography trial

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