An angry fan of Britney Spears trolled her fiance when she swore to ‘take care’ of him.

An American singer ‘ Fianc Sam Asghari The pop star was trolled by his loyal fans after he vowed to “take care” of her. Her promise was shattered after fans became concerned after she shared several nude Instagram posts for the Grammy-winning singer.

Asghari tried to reassure a fan who urged the 27-year-old to take care of his 39-year-old fianc جمعe Juma, whose mental health problems are well documented.

“Samsung take care of our girl,” the fan posted on Instagram, throwing a kiss emoji and a peace sign.

The personal trainer and aspiring actor responded to his Instagram story, “I got you America”

Sam Asghari Britney Spears 1.


The “strong” star – whose father has controlled her personal and financial life for the past 13 years – shared topless photos of herself covering her breasts and posing in the sea with her hands.

In other photos, Britney faces the camera and is wearing a pair of red bikinis while wearing nothing while covering her nipples with her fingers.

She followed the video with another post where she shared a collection of nude photos – with carefully placed pink and yellow emoji flowers covering her politeness.

“Playing in the Pacific never hurts anyone,” he said of the granular images, shot in front of the bathtub. “Pssss No image editing … Tub curves.”

Britney’s fans called her fianc “” worthy “because of the blasphemous photos.

One comment reads, “It should start by not enabling him to post such horribly edited photos or nude photos.

One second added, “He’ll take care of her and her 60 60 million.”

The third comment, “I’m sure Sam will take good care of Britney and her bank account.”

“Arg doesn’t trust this guy yet,” one fan wrote online.

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On Wednesday, Los Angeles High Court Judge Brenda Penny suspended the singer’s father, Jamie Spears, as guardian of Britney’s personal life and ڈالر 60 million estate.

Due to the suspension, Jamie will also have to hand over all the books and files that he ran during his famous 13 years. Daughter protection

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Britney Spears Jamie Spears


Jamie retaliated by accusing the judge of being “wrong” to put a “stranger” in charge of his daughter’s property.

Jamie’s lawyer said: “With respect, the court will suspend Mr. Spears, put a stranger in his place to manage Britney’s property, and Britney pleaded with the court to terminate earlier this summer. ” Vivian L. Thorne. Said in a statement Thursday morning.

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