An embarrassing price is a fitting moment that fans find incredibly meaningful

It’s a hilarious moment that happened in a February 2022 episode of The Price Is Right, in which mother-of-two Kari Kinder fought for a chance at $8,000 and a brand new car (via Internal Edition). After failing to win the Big Wheel round, Kinder had to leave the stage behind the scenes, as did all the contestants. But for some reason, she couldn’t find a way out.

“Getting lost on ‘The Price Is Right’ is priceless now,” Kinder told Inside Edition after clips of her flop went viral. The poor mom repeatedly tried to find an official exit, even went to the back of the stage and looked around at one point – all while the cameras were still rolling.

“I think I just lost $8,000 and a brand new car, so I’m just trying to get off the stage,” Kinder recalled. “The poor producer behind the stage shouts to me in a whisper: “Here, here, neither there, nor here!” Despite the embarrassment, most viewers and people on social media sympathized with Kinder and the relevance of the situation. “I feel her. She is me with life, written by a youtuber. “She took an awkward situation and made it funny,” said another. “What a legend.”

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