An example of how her ‘tenderly raised’ child dealt with being yelled at by a teacher has gone viral with 460k likes

Raising children is no easy feat, but there are several ways to do it, so it can help you if you end up as a mom or dad. Or no. It depends.

But one thing is for sure: Being a gentle parent doesn’t mean you’re not preparing your child for a “rough” world. In fact, this is exactly what you, as a parent, should do to prepare them for what’s to come.


And one mother told a story that illustrates just that.

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Meet N’tima Preusser, a healthy lifestyle coach and mother who uses her TikTok channel to educate people about health, growing up and parenting.

Image credits: ntimapresser

Meet N’tima Preusser, Holistic Wellness Coach, Personal Trainer, Mindset Specialist, and Mother Who Uses Her TikTok channel inform people about everything related to health, growing up and raising children.


In one of her recent video, she touched on the subject of gentle parenting and what that really means in a “tough world”. Specifically, she shared a story about how a teacher yelled at her daughter and how her daughter dealt with it without ever having to deal with aggressive rhetoric at home.

In one of her videos, she touched on the topic of how “softly raised” children can survive in a “harsh world.”


Image credits: ntimapresser

To explain this, she used the story of her daughter being yelled at by a teacher who was in a bad mood.

Image credits: ntimapresser

Image credits: ntimapresser

The story goes that N’tima noticed a painting her daughter had painted in which she was crying. When asked about this, the daughter explained how one of the teachers at school started yelling at her during recess. She suspected that the teacher was having a hard day and just took it out on her.

This, in turn, angered her daughter. And she felt that way until the quiet time came, and she drew a picture, thus channeling her anger and calming down.

What happened here was that a child raised “softly” solved the problem of a “complex world” and did it like a champion. “My child did not collapse when faced with disrespect. Instead, she was able to admit that this is not what I deserve. And it doesn’t have much to do with me,” N’tima explained.

After being yelled at, N’tima’s child identified the emotions and channeled them into the drawing, thus dealing with it in a healthy way.

“Not only will they survive in a big, tough world, but they will thrive because they won’t have to spend most of their adult lives healing from childhood.”

Image credits: ntimapresser

In other words, she identified the situation and her feelings and managed to process them in a healthy way, thus calming down.

“Not only will they survive in the big, hard world, but they will thrive because they won’t have to spend most of their adult lives healing from childhood,” N’tima concluded.

In contrast, a “hard world” approach would eventually force the child to hide his anger, as it is an emotion that is traditionally considered socially harmful and should therefore be avoided at all costs by holding it in.

The video has over 2.1 million views on TikTok.

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N’tima also explained that another teacher was talking to a teacher who yelled at her daughter about it.

Many agreed that a child is extremely intelligent on an emotional level—more so than most adults, in fact.

In addition, the tough world requires you to be aggressive and stand your ground, and softness is not too “weak”. But is it? N’tima’s story requires a different opinion.

And people couldn’t help but agree. The video went viral shortly after posting, with over 2.1 million views, almost 460,000 likes and thousands of comments and shares.

In the comments, people have pointed out how mature and prepared N’tima’s daughter really is, despite being so much younger to handle “real world” struggles and challenges. Many said they would benefit from learning how to manage their emotions and recognize when someone is having a bad day.

In accordance with National Association for Early Childhood Educationchildren with higher emotional intelligence pay better attention and are more involved in the school environment, tend to have more positive relationships and can, of course, empathize at a higher level. So, victory in everything.

And the lack of emotion management skills may cause the child to be more prone to anger and pessimism, have trouble taking criticism, expressing themselves, and not paying attention to the emotional cues of others.

Be sure to check out N’tima’s video and TikTok channel to find out more, but before you go, tell us what you think of it in the comments section below!

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