An Inside Look at Shawn Mendes’ Sister, Alia’s Life

Shawn Mendes is a global superstar who has dominated the charts and toured the world. The only thing that supports him is his family and his roots, especially his sister Alia. They are more like best friends, despite the five-year age difference, because they are all each other except for their parents. He always tried to come home for important events in her life, such as graduation and graduation, despite his busy schedule. That’s how important she is to him. Sometimes siblings of celebrities become famous in the fandom, and that is exactly what happened with Army Mendes.

Aliya did not go into the entertainment business, she just graduated from high school and lives a normal life with her famous brother. She has attended every tour of his and mostly attends shows in their hometown of Toronto, so the support is mutual. So what do we know about an 18 year old? Here’s a look at the life of Shawn Mendes’ sister, Alia.

10 The basics about Alia Mendes

Alia Mendes was born on September 15, 2003 in Toronto, Canada, so she turned 18 and became a Virgo. She was born to Manuel Mendes, a businessman, and Karen Rayment Mendes, a real estate agent. She is of Portuguese and British descent and currently still lives in Canada.


9 Alia Mendes boyfriend

Alia Mendes is dating Jordan Savage, a boy she met in high school. They have been dating publicly since June 2019. He is two years older than her, but little else is known about him. Mendes posts it frequently on his Instagram, whether it’s birthday or anniversary posts, dates, holidays, or just a post.

eight Aliya Mendes plays hockey and loves strawberries

Well, at least according to her Twitter bio. Scrolling down a little on Aliya’s Instagram, there are photos of her playing hockey on the women’s team. She followed in the footsteps of her brother, who played hockey as a child. It is unclear if she continues to act now, but she did so for most of her childhood.

7 Aliya is a pescatarian

According to a Twitter post by the 18-year-old girl back in June 2021, she is a pescatarian, which means that the only animal she eats is fish. However, according to her post, she is thinking about switching to vegetarianism in the near future. Sean has also become healthier in the past few years and even considered becoming a vegan in a 2019 Q&A session.

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6 She graduated from high school this year

Like most alumni of the past two years, Alia Mendes hasn’t gotten her prom, graduation, or drop off. However, she graduated from Saint Mary’s Catholic High School in June 2021. Apparently, her brother was not there as he was not in the photo she posted, but travel restrictions were probably still in effect at the time.

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5 Alia Mendes loves outside banks

“I am very addicted to tik tok and I love OBX. I watched the second season in two days. I wish I could live in OBX. I wish I was OBX, ”she tweeted in August 2021. And honestly, who isn’t? For those of you who don’t know, OBX is short for Netflix show, External banks and it’s highly addictive. Maybe her brother has connections and he will introduce her to the cast …

4 Her dog is adorable

The adorable dog Alia Mendes is named Oreo and she posts a lot about the puppy on her social media. Oreo is not her dog, but the family’s dog and seems to get along well with Sean’s dog, Tarzan, who currently lives with his ex-girlfriend Camila Cabello in Miami. It was reported that Sean was allergic to dogs as a child, so there could be no dogs in the family, but that seems to have changed in recent years.

3 Most of her personal life can be seen on TikTok.

Alia Mendes is a very private person and has little to say about her personal life due to the fact that she and her friends have been bullied on social media in the past, but TikTok seems to be inviting more about her life. Another clue to her love for strawberries is her app username: @ subberrylover881. She posts a video with her dog, boyfriend and just days in the life of Gen-Z’er.

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2 She is family oriented

Like her brother, she spends a lot of time with her family, especially with her cousins. They all seem close, and one of her cousins ​​even looks a little like her. Aliya Mendes posts a large number of photos of her family on social media and they always comment on her posts and support her.

one Alia Mendes’ life now

After graduating from high school, it is unclear whether Alia Mendes is in college or not. If so, then she did not write about it. But most recently, she made a family trip to Italy and celebrated Christmas with her family. We can’t wait to see where her life will lead.

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