An odd duo of parks and recreation that fans can’t get enough of

In a post with over 20,000 votes on the Parks and Recreation fan subreddit, the user you/zimbambebg shared a gif of how Ron Swanson met Typhoon (Rodney To), Pawnee’s chic barber extraordinaire. Donna (Retta) introduces Ron to Typhoon after Ron’s stoic old hairdresser passes away, and although he was initially repulsed by Typhoon, the two hit it off after their mutual hatred of Europe and motorcycles resurfaced.

“It’s a great scene because at first glance you think it’s going to be a mess, but they hit it off immediately and Donna’s little understanding smile at the end speaks for itself.” user wrote. redditor u/CoupwalObiWan repeated the same thing, praising Donna for the foresight she put together two unlikely characters. As well as you/AlexShez went on to talk about how this scene eventually led to Ron becoming an important part of Typhoon’s life. “And then Ron is the best man at the wedding of Typhoon and Craig because he is a friend and ally of all people… Except Europeans,” wrote the user.

Ron and Typhoon’s relationship is a perfect example of how a character develops and breaks out of his shell, interacting with those of whom he initially had a negative impression. During a conversation with IGN in 2015, Nick Offerman revealed that he sometimes asked the writers to put Ron in stupid situations. However, they told him, “No, it’s important that these characters, if they’re going to change, earn it through the story.”

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