An update on the career of the biggest #MeToo villains.

It all started with two words: me also.

In those two words, people shared stories of pain, abuse and suffering. Social media was full of millions of people, “me too”. It became a war cry, a way to tell the world that you, too, have been sexually abused or insulted in one form or another. And with that, the floodgates opened.

Powerful people from every industry were called to the mat as the victims shared their #MeToo stories. The allegations had far-reaching implications. Many of those accused of sexual abuse lost their jobs and ruined their careers. Others have since been launched in lengthy court cases.

Of the hundreds of big names who were accused. #MeToo Movement., They need an update on how their life is now.

Matt Lauer


Matt Lauer was first brought in by a colleague from the Me Too Movement, who accused the TV personality of “inappropriate sexual behavior”. Glamor Magazine.. Two more additional allegations surfaced after the initial report.

From that moment on, Lauer not only lost his job., His wife also kicked him out, the couple filed for divorce to end their 21-year marriage. In a report by Okay fine! Magazine, We found out that Laur is back on the dating scene. It seems that, despite his best efforts to regain his status, he stays away from the life he once knew.

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Charlie Rose

An astonishing name that came to the fore during the Me Too Movement was Charlie Rose, an experienced TV personality and once a respected member of the press. At least eight women accused Rose of “raw sexual development” on a daily basis, including “obscene phone calls, cutting off her breasts, genitals and buttocks, and walking around naked in front of her accusers.”

Rose was fired almost immediately with Bloomberg Television, PBS, and CBS News. He returned to Belport, where the local community noticed the infamous man’s maximum appearance. In an exposed by Hollywood ReporterHe was described by a former colleague as “a broken, powerful, old man who loves him, but the truth is that he is very lonely.”

Les Monois.

During her tenure as chief executive of CBS Corporation, Les Monois was accused of sexual harassment and assault by more than six women between 1980 and 2000. Once the allegations surfaced in 2018, Monois split from CBS Corporation. But that was not done with the media giant.

In 2019, Monos applied for arbitration to recover lost wages from leaving the company. However, the CBS board of directors found that he had violated the company’s policies and was not indebted to anything, leaving him and his former company in a place where they could “Resolved their disputes.“But to benefit without it.

Mario Batali.

Several former Mario Batali employees came forward in 2018, alleging that the celebrity chef had touched them inappropriately, reports spanning 20 years. He was also accused of sexual assault by a former employee of The Spotted Pig Restaurant.

Today, Batali can be found in its northern port, Michigan, at home, away from the spotlight. Immediately after the allegations, Batali’s show. Molo Mario Canceled. In addition, his two-decade partnership with Bastianich was canceled. Allegedly, he has focused his time on travel, most recently Rwanda and Greece.

Russell Siemens

Often tied to Brett Ratner, Russell Siemens has received his own set of accusations, even forcing a former model to have sex. Siemens said additional reports of sexual abuse of women surfaced shortly after the initial allegations, with many accusing Deaf Jam Records mogul of rape.

One after another HBO Max Documentary., Simmons spoke about running Deaf Jam Records.A new and diverse generation of extraordinary executives who are advancing culture and consciousness.. He also pledged “personal growth, spiritual education and, above all, listening.” After that, he traveled to “spiritual places” and went to Bali. He is now a yoga instructor.

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Mark Halperin.

The charges against Mark Halperin began in late October 2017. They will continue throughout the month, with at least 12 women accusing them of sexual harassment. He alleged that Halperin kissed, penetrated and squeezed her genitals.

To counter the allegations, Halperin has focused. Trying to resume his career. In political media, starting with a personal political blog and appearing on Newsmax. It also published a book about the 2020 election, although it received some sharp reactions after its announcement. Today, she works as a consultant with no labels.

Harvey Weinstein.

The infamous movie mogul Harvey Weinstein.

Via NBC News

Me Too was one of the most infamous faces of the movement. Harvey Weinstein.. Many attribute the allegations against Weinstein to fueling the movement. To date, he has been accused by more than 90 women and is currently in the midst of a court battle.

For the charges in Los Angeles, he pleaded not guilty and was extradited. He is currently out on 5 million bail. Her lawyer reported. USA Today. The Mughals are “blind in one eye.” He had already been convicted of first-degree rape and third-degree rape in Manhattan in 2020, but he denied any wrongdoing, even appealing for a sentence in the Court of Appeal.

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Brett Ratner

Actresses Olivia Moon, Natasha Hansterage and Alan Page are among the dozen or more women who have accused Brett Ratner of “unwanted sexual advances”. In one case, the filmmaker allegedly masturbated in front of a woman and in another, he was tied up with Russell Siemens, the pair allegedly engaged in sexual harassment with each other. According to USA Today, Warner Bros. and Ratner “separated” in the fall of the charges.

Louis C. K.

Louis C. K. began his career downhill in 2017 after allegations of sexual misconduct. Five women came forward, claiming that she had “exposed herself to them and masturbated.”

Following the allegations, CK’s management team, 3 Arts Entertainment, its APA agency, and its publishers all left. Furthermore, its FX series, Louie, Ames was canceled despite winning. For a time, he avoided the spotlight, but a recent report. Vanity Fair He says he has started a multi-city comedy tour, which began in Madison Square Garden in August. Arguably, the only good thing about the allegations against CK is that he is willing to accept some responsibility for his actions, “these stories are true.”

Bill Cosby.

Bill Cosby.


The biggest name to swallow in the Me Too Movement was Bill Kasby. His decades-long career and reputation as an American father were shattered when at least 60 women were charged with sexual abuse and assault, including rape and rape. Since the 1960s, Cosby has allegedly drugged, raped and assaulted dozens of women. According to AP NewsShe was the first major celebrity to be tried and convicted by the Me Too Movement. Cosby continued to deny the allegations despite his convictions.

However, there was a recent intestinal trauma for the victims. Cosby appealed to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and his sentence was overturned. In a report from NBC News, The empty sentence was due to “unique circumstances” that were part of a 10-year effort to bring him to justice. Cosby was released from prison. Next: This is the reaction of celebrities and their fans to allegations of sexual harassment.

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