And Just Like That…Peloton Scene Twitter Reactions

That’s why I don’t work!!!

Vishal And just like that…Spoilers ahead! I


If you watched the first episode of And just like that…, so you probably can’t stop thinking about how big, yes big, is brought back just to masturbate and then dies after riding a peloton.

of the peloton stock fell, they issued Statement, there was a lot!!! So, here are some of the best reactions of that moment:


I’ve waited 5 days to watch the latest Succession episode and still don’t know what happened, but after not watching in less than 6 hours, I found out that Big One died on the peloton.

Twitter: @megangailey


Finally, though not a tweet, this full Instagram post from Jonah Hill:


What did you think of the *big* moment? LMK in the comments.

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