“And just the same” shows Carrie again in the dating pool

The character, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, returns to the game in the upcoming Sex and the City revival episode.

And just like this synopsis sees Carrie again in the dating pool

“And Just the Same” tells the story of the adventures of the three main characters of Sex and the City who are experiencing new losses, new jobs and new love interests in their 50s.

In the upcoming episode of the rebirth of the iconic 1990s HBO show, main character Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, will try her hand at something she hasn’t done in a while. Spoiler alert for those who have not finished reading “And exactly the same” yet. And for those who decide not to do this because they don’t want to live in a world without Samantha Jones Kim Cattrall, that’s okay too.


“And just like that” Carrie tries to date again

The renaissance marked a big change for Carrie and her longtime friends Charlotte York-Goldenblatt (Christine Davis) and Miranda Hobbs (Cynthia Nixon). While Samantha Jones and the three remaining protagonists no longer seem too close, the trio’s friendship is still strong despite some bumps in the road.

“And Just the Same” begins with a huge shock to Carrie when her husband John Preston, also known as Big (Chris Noth), dies in her arms at the end of the first episode. A shock that spread to real life when several women accused Noth of sexual harassment shortly after the first few episodes aired, prompting HBO producers Max to abandon the scene in which Big was supposed to return.

After Big’s passing, fans saw Carrie grieving and trying to adjust to her old lonely life in several ways, including “dating” her new apartment. Nonetheless, ahead of the upcoming episode “And Just the Same” – aptly titled “Sex and the Widow” – Ms. Bradshaw will once again plunge into the dating pool.

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Who’s dating Carrie, Peter?

On the advice of friends, Carrie swipes left and right in the dating app. She even goes on a date with 53-year-old Peter, but things don’t seem to be going as smoothly as she would like.

“This is my first date since my wife died,” says Peter Carrie, and it seems like the two have more in common than they might first think.

Carrie later avoids meeting Peter at an event she attends with Charlotte and Anthony (Mario Cantone). Will Peter see her and will there ever be a second date?

“And Just Like That” airs on HBO Max.

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