Andor Episode 2 could feature the most embarrassing scene in all of Star Wars

In the second episode “Andora”, Cyril Karn (Kyle Soller) is determined to find Cassian Andor and bring him to justice for the murder of two men. Eventually, he assembles a corporate police force to hunt down Andor and is encouraged to give a speech to the troops to rally them in the upcoming battle. Needless to say, the speech doesn’t go well, Cyril struggles to find the right words to say or inspire in any way. It’s an extremely difficult moment to watch, and it would be easy to argue that it’s one of the most embarrassing moments in the entire Star Wars canon.

There are several reasons that explain why the writers decided to go in this direction with Cyril and include such a painful speech scene. Considering the events of Episode 3, when Cassian and Luten Rael (Stellan Skarsgård) outwit Cyril and his soldiers in a show of combat superiority, perhaps this moment is meant to highlight his lack of experience. Perhaps there is an even deeper meaning behind the scene, and it is directly related to Cyril’s ambitions and how they diverge from his real abilities.

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