Andor showrunner Tony Gilroy explains the lack of aliens in the series

Tony Gilroy made these claims during a recent interview with Collidertelling the publication, “In some places, people were like, ‘Oh, why is Narkina 5 only made up of people?'” has so far avoided the creatures, saying, “We’re probably a little embarrassed about this because it’s such a behavioral show and most of our principles are in this particular world. And, of course, the Empire has no surplus.” aliens on their side.


The last point is quite apt, since the experiential forces in the Star Wars films have historically been represented by human males, and it’s not all that far-fetched to assume that most of these helmeted stormtroopers also belong to this biological category. Either way, Gilroy believes that as the story progresses, Andora will see more alien faces appear. “There are some [in Season 1]and we’ll probably have more,” he stated, noting, “It’s a very strong scent when it comes out. It’s not just a visual scent, it’s a very strong character scent. You have to deal with it politically.” He adds, “Probably we’re trying to pick shots and make them cool.”

So it looks like there could be a few more vintage Star Wars creature creations in season 2 of Andor. Either way, it’s great to find a director who seriously thinks about how these creatures can change not only the look of the show, but also its storytelling.

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