Andora BBY Dating System Explained

In real life, our calendar and years are referred to as “BC” and “AD”, which is heavily influenced by Christianity. As noted living scienceBC means “before Christ”, while AD is Latin for “anno domini”, which translates to “in the year of the Lord”. So what does “BBY” mean in Star Wars? Does this mean, for example, “before Baby Yoda”?

Unfortunately no, Grog is not part of the Star Wars dating system. However, BBY symbolizes an incredibly historic moment in the Star Wars universe – the Battle of Yavin.

For die-hard Star Wars fans, Yavin is the planet that houses the Rebel Alliance’s secret base from the first Star Wars movie. The Battle of Yavin actually refers to the skirmish that resulted in the destruction of the first Death Star. This means that Andor takes place five years before this momentous event – a victory that Cassian Andor is partly responsible for, as he helped steal the original plans for the Death Star during the events of Rogue One. After stealing the plans, Andor and the rest of his team provide the Rebel Alliance with the means to destroy the Death Star, which would become yet another symbol of Imperial oppression. From this point on, the years are referred to as “Before the Battle of Yavin”, or BBY, or “After the Battle of Yavin”, or “ABY”.

Although Cassian himself would never give the year as such, it does help viewers fit these events into the grandiose scope of Star Wars history.

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