Andor’s season finale has a fun easter egg for those who are fluent in Aurebesh

Warning: Spoilers for the Andor season finale.


The “blink and skip” Easter egg appears just before the midpoint mark for the season finale. As the people of Ferrix prepare for Maarwa’s (Fiona Shaw) funeral, fans catch a glimpse of some people dressing in ceremonial robes and warming up their instruments. We then see a group of people dressed in red standing in front of a brick wall. It’s written on the wall in the traditional Star Wars system. Aurebesh, the word is “Andor”. It’s a fun little easter egg for fans familiar with symbolic writing, which the show doesn’t include very often in its first season.

Aurebesh is a common writing system used in the Star Wars universe to render the Galactic Basic Standard, the most commonly used language. The general public has seen him in every Star Wars project, usually appearing on digital screens and in clone armor during The Clone Wars.

The hilarious Easter egg is a nice change of pace for Andor, which has largely refrained from including light-hearted elements that could detract from the show’s gritty nature. Another standout reference featured in Andora was the inclusion Starkiller’s armor in Episode 4. Show creator Tony Gilroy paid tribute in a recent interview with Diversity, showing that the art department has to give thanks for the show’s background Easter eggs. Although he knows all the ins and outs of his characters, there is too much knowledge in Star Wars to know everything. He leaves everything else in the hands of the art department to go crazy. “The art department is going to take all this sh*t to Luten’s gallery,” Gilroy said. “There are so many cool people working on the show. Trust me, Pinewood is full of geeks.”

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