Andrew Garfield Says Lying About His Cameo in Spider-Man: Not Home Caused Stress

“There were times when I thought, ‘God, I hate lying.’ I don’t like to lie and I don’t know how to lie, but I continued to present it as a game. ”

Published on January 10, 2022 at 11:14 AM ET.

Needless to say: Attention! There will be a lot of spoilers Spider-Man: No Way Home coming!

By now fans of the latest Spider-Man part, No way home – in which Tom Holland plays the current Peter Parker – will know that both Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire have reprized their old roles in “surprise” cameos.

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Well, “surprise” might be an exaggeration, given that many months before the film’s release, Andrew and Toby faced repeated questions about their involvement after much speculation from die-hard fans and the media.

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During several interviews, Andrew, in particular kept insisting that the rumors were false – so much so that it became a huge topic of discussion on the Internet, with compilations of all his denials, repeated over and over again.

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Of course, Andrew finally turned down the role when the film hit theaters in mid-December. No way home since then it has accumulated great successbreaking box office records and has remained in first place since its release.

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Now, speaking of his long-term denial – or representation, or rather – in new interview Andrew admitted on Sunday that he found the whole thing “quite stressful.”

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“It was stressful, I won’t lie,” he said. Wrapper… “It was quite stressful, but also oddly enjoyable.”

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“It was like a massive werewolf game that I played with journalists and people, and it was a lot of fun,” he added.

In case you didn’t know, the Werewolf game involves a group of people, some of whom are secret “werewolves” who are tasked with hiding their identity from others.

“As anyone who has played the Werewolf game knows, if you’re a werewolf, your heart drops because you know you have several stressful hours ahead of you,” continued Andrew. “You have to lie to your friends in the face and try to convince them that you are not the bad guy in the game … But it was really exciting.”

Andrew continued, “There were times when I thought, ‘God, I hate lying.’ I don’t like to lie, and I don’t know how to lie, but I continued to portray it as a game. And I continued to present myself exclusively as a fan of this character, which is not difficult. “

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“I put myself in this position:“ Well, what would I like to know? Would I like to be played with? Would I like to be lied to? Would I like to be kept on my toes, trying to guess? Will I want to discover this when I go to the theater? Would I like to guess, guess, guess? ”He said.

Refuting his own concerns, Andrew said: “I wish the actor did an incredibly good job convincing me that he was not involved in this. And then I wanted to go crazy in the theater, when my intuition was confirmed. This is what I am would you like.”

In light of his years of efforts to keep the cameo a secret, Andrew recalled feeling overwhelmed by the apparent leaks from Spiderman the set, which he and Toby filmed in Atlanta, began to circulate on the Internet.

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“I worked so hard to keep it a secret that I was filming in Atlanta,” he said. “All these leaks were happening and I thought, ‘Oh my God, guys, what the hell is going on? I work so hard here to stay a secret, and then here’s a photo of me with Toby! And they’re like, “No, no, we’ll keep it a secret.” “Okay, I’ll continue to deny it.”

Andrew added: “I was happy to do it, but it was a lot of work on every side. This obviously caused a lot of excitement among people in the theater, but what more do you want from a theatrical experience besides the thrill? “

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“It was a rare experience playing this massive Werewolf game with every Spider-Man fan in the world,” he concluded.

But no matter what, it looks like all is well that ends well, as theater audiences around the world loved this grand opening. In fact, many erupted into shouts and applause at the sight of their beloved Spider-Man on screen again.

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And it turns out that Andrew and Toby may well have experienced some rush in person, as the couple decided to sneak into the theater to watch the movie on the night of the premiere.

“I sneaked into the theater for the premiere and just watched in a baseball cap and mask,” Andrew said. Entertainment tonight last week. “Actually, I was with Toby too – me and Toby made our way to the theater together, and no one knew we were there. It was just a great time together. “

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Since then, Andrew and Toby have been highly regarded by many fans not only for choosing to return to their beloved Marvel movie, but also for keeping as quiet as possible about its multiverse-fueled plot.

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Reflecting on his decision to return for the first time last week, Andrew revealed that while he was pretty much ready to reprise his role from day one, it was a definite scene from co-star Zendaya – which portrays MJ – it really “sold” him.

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“My Spider-Man has the potential to save his little brother’s romance. And heal the most traumatic moment of your life by doing it for your little brother, ”said Andrew. Diversity the now famous scene.

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For context: B The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Peter Parker Andrew failed to save his beloved Gwen Stacy, who dies after falling from the clock tower. V No way homehowever, he manages to save MJ from a similar fall – what he called “a second chance to save Gwen.”

“I will say the image of my catching [Zendaya’s] MJ – it was really beautiful and it kind of won me over, ”he said, before adding that he was“ grateful ”for the opportunity to“ make ends meet ”from his own franchise.

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“It was joyful and a sense of completion for me. There were so many unanswered questions for my Peter, where we left him. I have to step back and heal him, ”he said.

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