Andrew Garfield shares one of his worst experiences on set

Andrew Garfield impressed his fans and peers with his performance in the musical biopic Tick, Tick … Boom! where he demonstrates his musical talent.

Directed by Lin-Manuel Miranda. In it, Garfield plays the playwright Jonathan Larson, who has written such famous musicals as Rent and Tick, Tick … Boom! The film is an adaptation of the latest musical, which also stars Robin de Jesus, Alexandra Shipp, Joshua Henry, Judith Light and Vanessa Hudgens.


The film received generally positive reviews, especially for Miranda’s directing and for his role as Garfield, in which he showcased some serious singing skills. However, the Amazing Spider-Man actor said the experience was “terrifying.”

Andrew Garfield discusses singing live in ‘Tick, Tick … Boom!’

Roundtable with fellow actors Jared Leto, Benedict Cumberbatch, Javier Bardem, Peter Dinklage and Oscar Isaac In the Los Angeles Times, the English actor described the performance of the musical.

Game of Thrones star Dinklage began the conversation by telling Garfield how much he liked the musical.

“Because being the two guys here doing musicals is a weird and very unique process where you suddenly start singing a song in a movie. Did you sing it live? Did you record it beforehand? I’ve never done this before. Suddenly reality stops and you sing a song, ”Dinklage said.

Garfield, in turn, responded that singing live was one of the most horrific experiences he had ever experienced on set.

“Some of them were alive. Some of them were pre-recorded and there were a couple of songs that we really wanted to get live because they were improvised or needed to be found, ”he said.

“And it was damn scary and intimidating, but ultimately it was the most satisfying,” he added.

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Garfield Sai Lin-Manuel Miranda threw a shoe at him the first time he sang

But “tick, tick … Boom!” also gave the actor some memories that he keeps forever, for example, participating in a scene in a diner where all the visitors turn out to be Broadway legends, including Bernadette Peters and Joel Gray.

“It was surreal,” Garfield said.

“Bernadette’s voice sounded in my imagination and in my body a year and a half earlier. And then all of a sudden, I try to honor her memory while the cameras are filming. These are the moments when you ask, “How is my life? ‘” he said.

Then he added: “With Lin-Manuel Miranda … this is his first film that he has ever directed. He has a belief in himself that is amazingly infectious and beautiful. I’ve never sung before. the first time I sang in front of him, he threw a shoe at me … gracefully. “

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