Andy Carroll’s fiancée Billy Macklow ‘calls him an idiot but won’t call off wedding over his night with two women’

Andy Carroll’s fiancée Billy Macklow will not call off the wedding after he passed out in bed with two women, according to reports.

Former Towie star Billy is said to have called Andy’s behavior “idiotic” but is supportive.


Billy Macklow says future husband Andy Carroll was an “idiot” for inviting women into his hotel room.1 credit
Andy was pictured sleeping next to Taylor Jane Wilkie.


Andy was pictured sleeping next to Taylor Jane Wilkie.1 credit
Andy had a party with Taylor's girlfriends Jane Wilkie and Phoebe Robb


Andy had a party with Taylor’s girlfriends Jane Wilkie and Phoebe Robb1 credit

The source said Mail: “Billy thinks he’s an idiot, her whole group of friends think the same.

“They cannot believe that he got into this situation and are convinced that it is a set up.

“But if something else comes out, that could change. Andy is definitely out of favor, that’s for sure.”

The drunk attacker invited fitness instructor Phoebe Robb, 26, and bar manager Taylor Jane Wilkie, 27, to his luxurious suite after a day of drinking.

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Andy Carroll was spotted at a pool party next to a woman after the picture showed the couple in bed

The trio had some fun before taking off. The 33-year-old former England, Newcastle and Liverpool star spent a week in Dubai ahead of her wedding to reality TV star Billy Macklow in two weeks.

Carroll’s fiancee-to-be Billie has vowed to support the 33-year-old star, saying she believes him when he insists nothing sexual happened.

Father-of-four Carroll, who is due to marry in two weeks, was left ashamed after exclusive photos published yesterday in the Sun showing him passing out on a bed at Fairmont The Palm with bar boss Taylor Jane Wilkie, 27.

New photos have surfaced of a topless Carroll sleeping in the same bed with a second woman, Taylor’s girlfriend, 26-year-old Phoebe Robb.

Carroll flew to Dubai last Sunday with a group of male buddies to attend his fiancee’s bachelorette party.

Billy and her group then flew back at the beginning of the week.

Former Newcastle and Liverpool player Carroll started his own celebration and spent Wednesday partying with Taylor.

They started at noon at the prestigious Cove Beach Club.

Carroll and his companions have been seen on video pool parties and drink tipping.

Joining the Gateshead player are Newcastle United defender Paul Dammett and goalkeeper Mark Gillespie, both 30 years old.

Carroll invited Taylor and Phoebe from Leeds – as well as his pals – to visit a bar elsewhere before heading to his suite.

Billy believes Andy when he says nothing happened.

The photo, taken earlier in the night, shows the girls holding cocktails in high spirits.

Photos of Carroll and Taylor on the bed in his room and one of them in his personal bathrobe in the bathroom went viral on Thursday.

The staff managed to spell his last name with a lowercase “s” on the robe. It is unknown if he complained about the error.

Recalling that night, Taylor from Scarborough, North York, told Kristen Bell Tattoos how she and Carroll returned to a luxury hotel where rooms cost an average of £500 a night.

She insisted that there was nothing sexual with anyone and the pictures were just a “joke”.

Taylor explained, “It was an after-party. We all returned to his hotel.

“There was me, Andy and my girlfriend. I didn’t sleep with him, it didn’t happen. There were three of us in the room.

“It was a full day and night of drinking. Andy seethed. We were all drunk.

“We went back to Andy’s room, turned on the music, he went to bed and passed out.

“I was there with my friend until the morning and took a photo as a joke.”

Phoebe’s pals, who flew into Dubai one way in April, assured her last night that she had done nothing wrong.

Billy promised to proceed with the wedding, admitting that her future husband is clean.


Billy promised to proceed with the wedding, admitting that her future husband is clean.1 credit

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