Andy Cohen fans wonder if the star has gone cross-eyed after his drunken appearance on CNN NYE amid a feud with Ryan Seacrest

ANDY Cohen was widely criticized for his drunken broadcast on New Years Eve, and he said he was “sorry” about shading Ryan Seacrest on air.

But fans have also wondered if 53-year-old Andy is really the “cross-eyed” he talked about earlier.


Andy Cohen has joined Anderson Cooper on CNN’s New Year Show since 2017.Credit: CNN.
But this year, some fans wondered if Andy was


But this year, some fans wondered if Andy was “cross-eyed, or tucked in, or both.”Credit: CNN.

Since 2017, Andy has been streaming New Year’s Eve live on CNN with fellow Anderson Cooper, proudly drinking tequila shots along the way.

This year, the Bravo star has hit more than just alcohol.

In a slurred speech, Andy attacked Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Mayor Bill de Blasio, 60, and Ryan Seacrest, 47, who were simultaneously hosting Dick Clark’s Rockin ‘Eve New Years Eve party.

The next morning he published on social media, claiming that he was “overdone”.

But the drunken fiasco also saw fans commenting more specifically on Andy’s eyes.

“[A]Andy Cohen’s eyes look in different directions [CNN’s] New Year’s broadcast, “wrote one Twitter user.

“Andy Cohen is so drunk he has a squint!” wrote another.


As more fans lashed out at Andy’s eye movements mercilessly, the star unashamedly responded with truth, shutting down the haters.

One Twitter user wrote: “[I]s Andy Cohen cross-eyed, or tucked in, or both? ”

Andy himself intervened, letter, “Both.”

This is not the first time a TV presenter has spoken frankly about his eyes. In 2018, he uploaded a subway selfie to Instagram and signed This:

“Eyes crossed doesn’t care!”

In May for TodayAndy clapped back as the critic tweeted in a now deleted tweet, “Can anyone interview @andy and ask him how he deals with his lazy lowered left eye?”

The host quoted the tweet and answered: “I ignore it, baby.”

Many fans defended Andy: “I didn’t even notice. Makes you even more unique. #likeyouevenmore, one person replied then.

ANDY IS Proud of Her Wandering Eye

Andy spoke openly about his “wandering gaze” and is proud of his appearance.

He once shared that his boss told him that he would “never do it on camera” because of his own eye. But he learned to accept it.

“When I hit the air, I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, this is so tough.’ I am terribly deformed, “he said in How to be awesome podcast in 2017.

“I called my mom. I thought, “I am deformed.” And she’s like, “You don’t have a wandering eye.”

And I answer: “No, I do. I promise you. They tell me all over the country. “

He continued, “I’ve always been very conceited, but I think it’s weird that [TV] monitor right under my camera … “

“But at the end of the day, speaking of the terrible people I have come into contact with, I support myself that I have not become a complete nightmare or a disaster. And I think I still treat my employees and the like very well. “


Meanwhile, during his Sirius XM show, host Andy Cohen Live revealed that he “feels” the consequences of being “just stupid and drunk” on New Years.

Watch What Happens Live host thought he went too far by mentioning American Idol host Ryan.

Andy said, “The only thing I regret about saying is the only thing that I closed the ABC broadcast.”

He added, “I really like Ryan Seacrest,” and then called him “a great guy.”

Shortly before the ball hit New York’s Times Square, Andy told Anderson, 54, “If you look back, you’ll see Ryan Seacrest’s underdog group perform.

He added, “I’m sorry, but if you’re watching ABC, you’re not watching anything.”

CNN sources who spoke to Radar said Andy may have taken his last shot: “Nothing was officially done, but inside we were told that Andy would not be invited back next year.

Andy joined New Year’s TV show in 2017, replacing Katie Griffin.

Many fans online have wondered if Andy Cohen had a squint after getting drunk during his New Year's broadcast.


Many fans online have wondered if Andy Cohen had a squint after getting drunk during his New Year’s broadcast.Credit: CNN.
Andy takes pride in his eyes when captioning this 2018 photo: 'Cross Eyes Don't Care.'


Andy takes pride in his eyes when captioning this 2018 photo: ‘Cross Eyes Don’t Care.’Credit: Instagram
He also said that


He also said he “regrets” overshadowing Ryan Seacrest’s rival show.Credit: Splash
Andy Cohen was ‘banned’ by CNN from ever hosting New Year’s show again after ‘awkward’ drunken tirade with Anderson Cooper

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