Angela Simmons opens up about her ex-fiancé’s death and says her son is ready for her to date again

Back in 2018, Angela Simmons, unfortunately, lost her ex-fiance and father of her son Sutton Tennyson. Unfortunately, he was mortally wounded in his home. During a recent performance on “Show Tamron HallAngela spoke about how Sutton’s death affected her, as well as her grieving process and where she is today.

Speaking of how she felt when she first heard the sad news, Angela said:

“When I first heard this news, I couldn’t accept it or understand it, and then I suddenly became numb. I never understood what it meant to physically feel numb, but that day I literally couldn’t feel my body.”

Angela went on to say that she immediately went into therapy to help her through the process.

While expressing how grateful she is to those in her corner, she also shared that her son, Sutton Jr., is always asking about his father, which makes her constantly talk about their loss.

During the interview, Angela also shared that her son, now 6, is ready for her to start dating again.

“He’s like: will we ever get married? Is anyone going to marry us? Or he will ask such things,” she said. “It was a touching conversation because he told me: “I know that my dad is heaven and I will always have two dads, because I know that my dad will be my father, but mom, when can we have somebody?” When will someone be by our side?”

As previously Michael Williams, the man convicted of Sutton’s murder, was reportedly sentenced to life in prison for the crime. He also received an additional 15 years for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. He will not be eligible for parole until he has served at least 30 years in prison.

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