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former tennis star Anna Kournikova Keeps a relatively low profile, but she made a big splash on her Instagram page on Thursday by sharing adorable photos of her twins, Lucy and Nicholas, on their fourth birthday. he and his partner Enrique Iglesias They have three children together, including their youngest daughter, Mary, 1.

Kournikova gave each of the twins their own designation so they could celebrate their big day individually. Lookalike daughter Lucy shares sweet smile just like her mom And she seems to have the athletic ability that made Kournikova famous as she strutted across playground equipment in a pastel tie-dye ballet skirt and T-shirt. Photos of Nichols showed off his mischievous and shy side all at once in the carousel of images — and it looks like he’s already a Disney fan, sporting a Mickey Mouse shirt.

Kournikova kept the captions simple for both kids, writing, “4!” With a heart emoji. Iglesias also jumped in the comments to show a lot of love by posting a heart emoji for his son and daughter. While Kournikova rarely does interviews, the “Bailando” singer recently spoke to Jess Cagle about understanding her older children. What does dad do for a living?

“Whenever they hear a song of mine, they really recognize my voice, which is great. But when they watch that video, I think it distracts them a little bit,” Iglesias explained of his “Escape,” where Kournikova played his love interest.What is mom doing there?‘ You know, ‘with dad’ you know? ‘When was it?’ It is really unbelievable to see the expressions on their faces. It’s great.” And we bet Iglesias can’t wait until all three of his kids are old enough to hear about the day they met mom and dad on the “Escape” set.

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