AnnaSophia Robb marries Trevor Paul after a year of engagement

Happily ever after! AnnaSophia Robb officially taken off the market after marrying his longtime love, Trevor Paul.

The Carrie Diaries The 28-year-old alum announced his wedding through Instagram on Monday, September 12, along with a photo of her and her new husband walking down the aisle as guests toss confetti into the air.


Robb was dressed in a white dress, consisting of a corset bodice with a sweetheart neckline and a flowy skirt. Her blond hair was styled up high, a sheer white scarf was wrapped around her neck, and a veil cascaded down her back. Paul, for his part, was dressed in a charcoal gray suit with a pale blue button-down shirt underneath, complete with a black bow tie and orange-red boutonniere. The couple’s smiles were infectious as they walked past the guests.

Before walking down the aisle, Robb exclusively said Us weekly all about her wedding, showing that the wedding would be a “medium sized” event.

“We didn’t have the opportunity to get everyone together and celebrate, so my partner and I really wanted to do something where all our families could get together, just dream up and have a great time,” — soul surfer the actress said Us August 1 during a visit to the Fleuriste St-Germain Pop-Up exhibition at the Big Apple.

She continued, “Most of all, I am glad that everyone is gathered in one place. It’s great to have all the people you love. It’s a unique experience, so I think it’s an honor to have the opportunity to bring everyone together.”

AnnaSophia Robb. Sansho Scott, BFA

Colorado native who unveiled her relationship with Paul in 2017 – could not help but sing praises to her man on the eve of the big day.

“He is very kind. He really is a wonderful person,” she said. Us. “He is also a great listener.“.

When it comes to marriage, Robb is up for whatever comes his way as a couple. “An event is one thing, but a marriage is quite another,” Bridge to Terabithia a star opened up. – These are two different things.

Doctor Death The alum noted that one of her friends’ advice at the bachelorette party was, “Small wedding, big marriage,” which she said Us it’s “a good way to look at it”.

Robb recalled thinking, “It’s a really great prospect”, noting that while the wedding is made up of “so many details,” it’s the union between her and Paul that she’s most excited about watching.

“Marriage is what’s important, you know, partnership, supporting each other,” she continued. “And I think weddings are a really good way – you’re dealing with an insane amount of decisions and a lot of different personalities – and so it’s kind of a great litmus test. Together with your partner, you have to make many different decisions.”

However, one decision was not hard to figure out: which brand of alcohol she would prefer for her signature cocktail. The bride said Us in August that she planned to serve Saint Germain cocktails after drinking elderberry liqueur as her first cocktail at the bar.

“It was my first adult cocktail and I have always liked it. My mom loves it,” Robb said, noting that she was “thrilled” to create her own special bridal blend.

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