Anne Hathaway almost played this Marvel character before playing Catwoman.

Linking to a popular comic book movie can be a great way for a star to impress millions of fans around the world. Marvel and DC have been doing this for years now, they’ve taken on a number of performers and have given a big boost to their careers in an instant.

Anne Hathaway is an actress known for many roles, one of which is the role of Catwoman in Rise of the Dark Knight. The actress was great in the film, but most people don’t know that many years before that, she was going to play a Marvel character.


Let’s see what kind of Marvel character Hathaway was going to play.

Anne Hathaway is a phenomenal actress

Anne Hathaway, one of the most talented women in the entertainment industry today, has shown amazing performances for years. It can be easy for performers to start off hot and then gradually go crazy, but Hathaway has made a splash since becoming a star years ago.

The princess diaries was a great starting point for Hathaway, and while she could only pursue Disney for years, she eventually broke away and focused on roles that allowed her to showcase her acting range. Through this, the actress was able to wow audiences while adding some serious praise to her growing legacy in the film business.

Some of her most famous works include: Brokeback Mountain, The Devil Wears Prada, Bride Wars, Get Smart, Rio, Alice in Wonderland, Interstellar, and Ocean 8. Trust me when we say that Hathaway will continue to add to this over the years.

Now looking at her biggest roles to date, it’s simply impossible to ignore the time she spent playing the iconic DC Comics character.

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She was Catwoman in The Dark Knight Uprising

While not necessarily someone who has done a ton of work in the superhero world, Anne Hathaway confidently made her moment in the sun a memorable one after playing catwoman v Rise of the dark knight

There were several women who played the iconic character, and Hathaway did a fantastic job in that role. She was a great counterbalance to Christian Bale’s Batman, and they seemed to have great chemistry on screen. Of course, people had their own criticism, but in the world of superhero movies, that’s okay.

All in all, Hathaway will only appear as Catwoman once in the DC franchise. Some crazy crossover going on with Flashdue out in 2022. We may be able to see her Catwoman reappear on the surface in a scene or two in the highly anticipated film.

Hathaway was exceptional in this role, but before joining the guys from Washington, the actress was the main contender for the character in Marvel. However, the movie she could have appeared in has never gotten off the ground, and Hathaway would have had to wait her turn before getting into a superhero game years later.

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She almost played a black cat in Spider-Man 4

Before joining the standout competition, Anne Hathaway was the leading contender for the role of Black Cat in what would be Spiderman 4… This is exciting information as it reveals that not only Tobey Maguire was about to get another movie, but that Hathaway had a chance to play a Marvel character who has yet to prove himself.

Black Cat is a fantastic character who certainly stands on the verge of good and evil, which coincidentally looks like Catwoman. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Hathaway has been linked to both characters, given her range on the big screen.

Spiderman 4 Hathaway would be in the role of Black Cat and Lizard would be the villain after Curt Connors introduced himself earlier in the franchise.

Sam Raimi, who directed these Spiderman movies talked about Hathaway like a black cat, saying “I have not seen Batman yet, because I worked without interruption Ouncebut I heard she’s great at that. I’m not surprised because I liked what she did with the auditions for Spiderman 4.

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Spiderman 4 would be a difficult film, especially with Hathaway as Black Cat. Unfortunately dim Spiderman 3 dashed all hopes for a fourth film with Raimi. Who knows, maybe in the future we’ll be able to see a wild crossover that looks like Hathaway’s black cat.

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