Annie Potts attributes one important quality to Ian Armitage’s success in Sheldon’s youth

talking to Diversity, Meemaw actress Annie Potts spoke about how Ian Armitage can thrive on screen as young Sheldon. “I think comedy is more musical. That’s one of the reasons Ian is so good at what he does – he’s very musical,” Potts said. This is an interesting detail that Potts should note, since Armitage’s career was launched by various reviews on youtube he has done various musicals and stage performances (via New York Times). After successful reviews, Armitage quickly found himself in Hollywood. The Meemaw actress continued by pointing out the young actor’s particular method of getting into the zone to channel his inner Sheldon Cooper. “When he rehearses his lines, he hears him say it and changes the note and hears him say it again until it sounds right to him and to everyone else.” Potts went on to reveal that she uses the same method as Armitage, although she writes down her lines, saying “something in the process of writing internalizes them for me.”

Potts has been a veteran of the small and big screen since the 70s, so Armitage must be very sweet when she gets praise from her. For his portrayal of the young Sheldon Cooper, Armitage received continued acclaim. Hollywood ReporterDaniel Feinberg of applauded the young actor for adding frivolity to Sheldon’s snarky character, saying, “Armitage is a sweet kid, making a reasonable approximation to Jim Parsons.”

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